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​​​Information technology - FAQ

​What are the requirements to study National Certificate in Computing (NCC3) online?

  • Applicants require a broadband connection & Microsoft Office 2013 software to be able to access the material online.
  • Although the programme is delivered online students are still required to attend a Wintec Campus in either Thames or the Hamilton City Campus to complete practical tests and assessments.
  • Logistically applicants need to be based in the Waikato area.
  • Applicants need to be aware that even though the online version of NCC3 is self-paced they will still be moving through modules reasonably quickly and they should expect to be completing at least one assessment per week.
  • It is crucial that students are self-disciplined and committed to study to be able to complete this programme within the designated timeframe.
  • All online students will only be enrolled on a part-time basis to monitor their progress before proceeding with any further modules.  Initially students are normally enrolled into modules ITT2780 & ITT2781 first; they will need to pass these before enrolment in any further modules. Progress will be monitored by the NCC3 online tutor

Can I do a mixture of online and in class NCC3 modules?

No, you will need to decide which option is right for you before enrolling.

Are there any scholarships available for IT students?

There is a Scholarship link on the Wintec Homepage. Click on Scholarship List and then Information Technology to bring up scholarships available to IT students. You can also contact for more information regarding these.

Can I get a Graduate Work Permit after completing an IT programme?

Your qualification needs to be Level 7, e.g. Graduate Dip IT otherwise anything lower than a Level 7 qualification requires 2 years of study e.g. completion of Dip ICT L5 & Dip ICT L6 together.

Are there any IT night classes available?

The only IT modules offered at night are CISCO CCNA which are offered under the Certificate in Proficiency – IT (IT7000) and is considered a short course.

Are there any IT programmes I can study by distance learning?

The only IT programme that is delivered online/distance learning is the National Certificate in Computing L3, NCC3. There is still a requirement for students to be able to attend a Wintec Campus in either Thames or Hamilton City Campus to complete practical tests and assessments. Tests & assessments can be as frequent as once a week and students will also require Microsoft Office 2013 software and a broadband connection to access the material online.

Where can I purchase my books for my programme?

Books can be purchased from Bennetts located in the Citygate PWC building located beside Wintec House

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