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Elna Fourie

Elna Fouries

Academic Staff Member
Communication, professional practice, Design Factory NZ

Contact info

07 834 8800 e​​​​xtn. 8262
P Block, corner of Collingwood and Tristram, Hamilton




Master of Arts, Bachelor of Arts with Honours, Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management, Certificate in Adult and Tertiary Education, Certificate in Adult Teaching​.

Areas of expertise

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Research activity

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What do you enjoy about teaching/your job?

I enjoy interacting with students, my colleagues, and the broader business and creative community. I count myself fortunate that I get to deal with many talented people on a daily basis, and enjoy creating connections and growing networks. When I describe to others what I teach, I like to say that I teach passionate people about getting stuff done, about being good to work with, and about making a living from doing what they love. As part of my role I engage in research, and have had opportunities to complete projects for organisations in our creative community – looking at funding, marketing, and perceptions of arts practices.

What do you love about your area?

I sit in the Communication team. Any project, regardless of size, requires the ability to deal with others, and to communicate clearly –through words, visuals, or actions. The communication industry is great because it’s so varied, and because there is potential to work across many different sectors. Research I’ve conducted on employability skills also backs the notion that communication is at the top of many employers’ lists of what they require from graduates. Beyond communication, I teach Business Practice and Project Management for creative practitioners, with a focus on innovative thinking, and an understanding of the buildings blocks for ‘making things happen’ – whether that be for yourself, or for a client or stakeholder. 

Tell us about your experience in the industry

What keeps you busy outside of Media Arts?

Beyond my teaching in Media Arts, I’ve taken on a role in the newly established Design Hub New Zealand, where I work with colleagues and students from across Wintec to work with industry to solve problems. I enjoy attending industry events, and have been involved in establishing and volunteering for initiatives such as the Innes48 Business StartUp competition. I have an active interest in performance, and when I have time I contribute to musicals, choirs, and other creative endeavours. I try support broader community endeavours too – for example, judging the Great Waikato Spelling Bee.

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