Chan Kim

Chan Kim

Academic Staff Member

Contact info

834 8800 ext 3409




  • PhD, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
  • MSc, University of Utah, USA
  • BE, National Korea Maritime University, South Korea

Areas of expertise

  • Transportation engineering
  • Traffic engineering
  • Urban transport planning
  • Highway engineering
  • Econometric modelling
  • Transport safety

Industry experience, affiliations, and achievements

Member of:

  • IPENZ Transport Group
  • ITE (International Transport Engineer)
  • WCTRS (World Conference on Transport Research Society)
  • EASTS (Eastern Asia Society for Transport Studies)

Research activity

Present research interests are focused on:

  • Econometric modelling to predict travel behaviour (transport mode choice)
  • Travel demand modelling including public transport and intermodal freight
  • Overseas drivers’ accident patterns and driving behaviour in NZ by using big data and survey methods
  • Sustainable urban redesigning: Car-free zone and CBDs
  • Seismic risk analysis on transport infrastructures  

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