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The Centre for Health and Social Practice maintains close relationships with the industry and professional bodies that graduates register with. Our staff are experienced in their fields and are continuously active in Health and Social Practice research. Our students are taught with a focus on the practical elements of healthcare and are encouraged to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world learning environments. Each year students will gain credit for undertaking placements, internships or volunteer work in their field. 

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About us

A community of inter-professional learning and research
He hapori rapu i te taumata o te mātauranga, me te rangahau

You care. You’re committed to changing people’s lives and making a difference. And in the Centre of Health and Social Practice, the opportunities to do this are endless.

You’ll be part of a community dedicated to social care, health, well-being and protection. The programmes we offer are all hands-on careers and that’s the way we teach it at Wintec. You’ll have access to real-world simulated learning and the latest technology, with opportunities for interprofessional education to learn from other professions and improve all-round care. Our experienced and registered tutors will guide you on your way. Because we care, too.

And we know the needs of stakeholders are always changing, so we deliver fit-for-purpose programmes that are responsive to changes in the Health and Social Practice sector. We value inclusion, diversity and the achievement of potential in all our staff and students. We are committed to social justice and the Treaty partnership between Tangata Whenua and Tauiwi underpins everything we do.