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Centre for Health and Social Practice

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Te Kura Mo Nga Mahi Tiaki I Te Hapori​

A Community of inter-professional Learning and Research
He hapori rapu i te taumata o te mātauranga, me te rangahau

Welcome to the Centre for Health and Social Practice (CHASP).

The Centre for Health and Social Practice delivers cutting edge programmes and research to meet changing demands of students, industry, government and other key regional stakeholders. CHASP aims to be is connected and responsive to health and social sector needs by providing fit for purpose programmes and excellence in research initiatives. ​

The health and social care professions are each based on unique skills and bodies of knowledge, but they represent a community of social care, health, well-being and protection. CHASP offers the opportunity for interprofessional education - counselling, mental health support, midwifery, nursing and social work students can come together and learn from and about each other to improve collaboration and quality of care.

The Centre’s philosophy is underpinned by a commitment to health, social justice and the Treaty partnership between Tangata Whenua and Tauiwi. It is explicit in advocating critical and open inquiry and the valuing of inclusion, diversity and the achievement of potential for all.

About Health and Social Practice

The Centre of Health and Social Practice offers health courses in the following subjects:



Occupational Therapy

Social Practice - including counselling, social work, and mental health support work.

Graduate and Post Graduate options