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Social and Community Pathway

The Social and Community Services Vocational Pathway will lead you into roles which involve caring for people. Expect work which is focused on social justice, fairness and dealing directly with people in the community, at times in their life when they really need it. You will find these jobs very satisfying and rewarding. You might work in healthcare, childcare, education, social services, mental health or community services. Please see Youth Guarantee for a comprehensive list of vocational opportunities in this Pathway.

The information below shows your opportunities in the social and community pathway.


Year 10- 13 STAR experiences

Try a quick STAR experience to get an idea of what study and work in this industry will be like:

Other experiences

Want to try something else? Come on a campus tour, attend an information session or taster, check out our youth guarantee programmes, do our career choice 'Future You career quiz', or try being a student for a day.

Next steps

You've now finished school, what will you do? Start a job or apprenticeship, or come back to Wintec and learn some more...


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