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What support is available to me?

As a Wintec Student you've got a wide range of support services to help with your life and your studies...

Student feedback

Current students can provide feedback to Wintec in a number of ways through 'Student Voice'.

For information on anti-bullying and harassment at Wintec, click here.

how to give feedback using student voice

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Student feedback forums are currently facilitated in all Schools/Centres as a way for Head of School/Centre Director and Student Experience (Support Services) to stay connected with student needs and to stay well informed of any rising issues or concerns with students within their own individual areas.

Student representatives, on behalf of their peers, are able to provide feedback on areas which may impact on the quality of education in a module or programme.

This is also a key way students can feel heard and ensures we stay attuned to our customers' needs on a regular basis. Ensuring our students feel valued is a key component of student retention.

Study abroad and student exchange

Student Exchange students - Henna & Hanna

Hanna and Henna

Exchange Students, Finland, Helsinki Metropolia of Applied Sciences.

"Exchange meant to me adventure, exploring the world and exploring myself. At times, it felt like a challenge but still I enjoyed every second and I feel like I learned more about myself, about nursing and about the world than ever before. An exchange is something that everybody should experience, it is something that you will never forget and won’t regret. Finland and New Zealand are in many ways quite similar but also in many ways different. The list would be endless why Finland is a perfect place for your exchange but it is best to come yourself and find it out." - Hanna

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