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Jon Clarke

Jon Clarke

Senior Academic Staff Member
Music and performing arts

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What do you enjoy about teaching/your job?

I enjoy sharing stories that normalise “making it” in the industry. When students realise that a career as a creative is possible, I feel like I’ve done my job.

What do you love about your area?

I find there is nothing greater than creating and recreating music that people love. I love watching people respond to my/our way of covering a song. The most rewarding part is developing awesome networks where it is easy to work with each other.

Tell us about your experience in the industry

I discovered music late in the piece at age 22, but my learning journey was fast-tracked. I discovered something late but poured all my energy into it once I knew what I was passionate about.

Since then, I have been playing in a small three-piece band and large ensembles (65-strong choir), nationally and internationally, for more than 20 years. 

I have played to crowds large and small - like seven people!, from festivals to corporate events, churches to local pubs, weddings and funerals, birthdays and other celebrations, government and business events, as well as cruise ships. 

What keeps you busy outside of Media Arts?

A devoted family man (one wife and six children) which means that life is busy all the time. Heavily active in the industry giggin' every other weekend as well as church commitments.

Currently, my main creative project is working through my Master's. Inspiration is usually drawn from home and being around whānau. Going back to my marae in Tauranga is the other place to draw inspiration from.

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