Dr Patricia McClunie-Trust

Patricia McClunie-Trust

Principal Academic Staff Member

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Patricia works as a lecturer and researcher in the Centre for Health and Social Practice. Her professional registration as a nurse informs her teaching in in the Master of Nursing and Master of Professional Practice Programmes, including clinical reasoning and capability development in professional practice, advanced nursing practice development and supervision of research students. She has a strong interest in enabling the delivery of high quality professional and vocationally focused education that is aligned with health workforce development needs. Her recent professional development has focused on the implications of shifts in health policy focus and health workforce needs for professional education. Patricia is a professional supervisor for registered nurses working in clinical roles. She also provides supervision for nurses who are experiencing challenging professional situations.

Patricia’s research focuses on professionalism and professional conduct and vocational learning in nursing. Her current research includes an exploration of strategies to increase the effectiveness of designated registered nurse prescribing in the Midland region of New Zealand. She is also a member of an international collaborative research team exploring the motivations and experiences of graduate-entry Master of Nursing Science students. She has been a member of the International Institute of Qualitative Methodology, Alberta, Canada, since 2011. Her governance roles include; membership of the Wintec Human Ethics Research Group, Editor-in-Chief for the Kai Tiaki Nursing Research journal, and a former role as Chairperson of the Women’s Advisory Committee at Wintec.


  • College of Nurses’ Travel Scholarship Award 2016
  • College of Nurses Aotearoa Trailblazer Award recipient, 2007
  • University of Waikato Honours and Masters’ Award recipient, 1994


  • Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing, Victoria University of Wellington, 2010. Thesis title: Negotiating boundaries: The nurse family member caring for her own relative in palliative care
  • Master of Arts in Nursing, Victoria University of Wellington, 2000.
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Supervision, University of Auckland, 2016.
  • Graduate Certificate of Arts, Victoria University of Wellington, 2002.
  • Bachelor of Social Science, University of Waikato, 1994.
  • Advanced Diploma in Nursing, Waikato Polytechnic, 1991.
  • Certificate in Tertiary Teaching, Auckland Institute of Technology, 1987.
  • Certificate in Orthopaedic Nursing, Middlemore Hospital, 1984.
  • Registered general and obstetric nurse, Waikato Hospital, 1976.

Voluntary service 

  • Volunteer with Victim Support, Hamilton, New Zealand, 2003-2004.
  • Volunteer with RNZ Army Medical Corps (Territorial) 1, Field Hospital, Auckland, 1984-1987.

Areas of expertise

  • Teaching and learning approaches for reasoning and judgement in practice
  • Supervision of postgraduate research, including secondary research methods
  • Coordination of national breast care nursing paper
  • Curriculum development – postgraduate diploma in nursing and Master of Professional Practice 
  • Professional supervision for practice development including professional boundaries 
  • Research ethics 

Industry experience, affiliations and achievements

Research activity

Current research interests: 

  • Designated registered nurse prescribing 
  • Motivations and experiences of graduate-entry Master of Nursing Science students
  • Undergraduate nursing students’ perceptions of professional boundaries 

Select publications

McClunie-Trust, P. (2020). Potential impacts of Covid-19 pandemic. Kai Tiaki Nursing New Zealand, 26(3), 18-19.

Field, J., McClunie-Trust, P., Kearney, C., & Jeffcoat, J. (2020). Language and communication: A vital component of health for people with refugee backgrounds. Kai Tiaki Nursing Research, 11(1), 42-49.

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MacDiarmid, R., McClunie-Trust, P., Shannon, K., Turner, R., Donaldson, A., Lamdin-Hunter, R. Jardin, R., (et al.) (In review). Motivations and experiences of graduate-entry Master of Nursing Science students. 

Jarden, R., Turner, R., McClunie-Trust, P., Jones, V., Donaldson, A., Lamdin-Hunter, R., Shannon, K., Winnington, R., Merrick, E., Macdiarmid, R. (In review). Exploring the experiences and perceptions of students in a graduate entry nursing programme: A qualitative meta-synthesis protocol. 

Bullivant, K., McClunie-Trust, P., Syminton, K. (In review). A meta-ethnography of the cultural constructs of menopause in Indigenous women and the context of Aotearoa/New Zealand. 

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