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Patricia McClunie-Trust

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  • Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing, Victoria University of Wellington, 2010.
  • Graduate Certificate of Arts, Victoria University of Wellington, 2002.
  • Master of Arts in Nursing, Victoria University of Wellington, 2000.
  • Bachelor of Social Science, University of Waikato, 1994.
  • Advanced Diploma in Nursing, Waikato Polytechnic, 1991.
  • Certificate in Tertiary Teaching, Auckland Institute of Technology, 1987.
  • Certificate in Orthopaedic Nursing, Middlemore Hospital, 1984.
  • Registered general and obstetric nurse, Waikato Hospital, 1976.

Industry Experience, Affiliations and Achievements

  • Member of the Wintec Postgraduate Committee, 2007-2012.
  • Member of the International Institute of Qualitative Methodology, Alberta, Canada, 2011.
  • Member of the Centre project Development Team for Health and Social Practice, 2011.
  • College of Nurses Aotearoa Trailblazer Award recipient, 2007.
  • Chairperson of the Wintec Women’s Advisory Committee, 1999-2005.
  • Volunteer with Victim Support, Hamilton, New Zealand, 2003-2004.
  • University of Waikato Honours and Masters Award recipient, 1994.
  • Volunteer with RNZ Army Medical Corps (Territorial) 1, Field Hospital, Auckland, 1984-1987

Areas of Expertise and Research

  • Teaching and supervision of postgraduate nursing research and practice modules.
  • Coordination of modules and collaborations in breast care, cardiac nursing and pharmacology.
  • Narrative inquiry approaches to learning in clinical practice.
  • Impact of technological developments on nursing and nursing education.
  • How nurse family members negotiate professional and personal boundaries in caring for a relative with a cancer-related illness.

Research Activity

‘Factors leading to disciplinary action against nurses in New Zealand: A case analysis’. Presented at the International Institute for Qualitative Methodology Qualitative Methods Conference: Better bounded or boundless, Melbourne, Australia, 2015.

‘Breast care nursing: A postgraduate pathway for practice development. Presented at the National Breast Cancer Conference: “Everything you’ve always wanted to know about breast cancer but were afraid to ask”, Auckland, 2014, with Collier, R.

‘Boundary negotiations in living a professional life: Care of the self and others’. Presented at the 18th Annual Qualitative Health Research Conference, Montreal, Canada, 2012.

‘Nurse family members: Caring for the self and others’. Presented at the Health of Health Professionals Conference, Auckland, 2011.

‘Practice e-portfolios: Reflections on educational innovations for tomorrow’s nursing workforce’. Presented at the Australasian Nurse Educators Conference: Innovations in Nurse Education in Practice, Hamilton, 2011.

‘Nurse family members: Caring for the self and others’. Presented at the Explore Research series, Wintec, Hamilton, 2011.

‘E-portfolios for advanced nursing practice: A Moodle story’. Presented at INSPIRE: TECH, Wintec, Hamilton, 2011.

Select publications

  • McClunie-Trust, P. (2016). Caring for family with an LTC: When the personal and the professional intersect. Nursing Review, 16(3).
  • McClunie-Trust, P. (2016). New Zealand nursing research informs changing roles and responsibilities. Kai Tiaki Nursing Research. In Press.
  • McClunie-Trust, P. (2016). Professional boundaries – how close is too close? Nursing Review, 16(4), 26-27.
  • McClunie-Trust, P., Paton, B., Martin, S., & Weir, N. (2004). Doing phenomenological research collaboratively. Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing, 35(4), 1-6.




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