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Our graduates

Sean Huirama

Certificate in Fitness Industry Training

The sport science and human performance centre gives you so much information about training athletes that if you have a passion for the field you will find yourself in a very good position.

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Sean Huirama

Nick Read

Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science

​I had a very positive experience at Wintec and continue to be a great advocate. Aside from meeting likeminded people, with whom I am still very close friends; I was most impressed by Wintec staff.​

The staff from the Centre for Sports Science and Human Performance are some of the best in their respective fields. They each have a great depth of knowledge and also an ability to break this down for their audience.

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Nick Read coaching a sports team

Daniella Meier

Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science​

Obtaining my degree with the Centre of Sport Science and Human Performance directly prepared me for opening my own business as a performance coach in the industry. Post graduation, I wanted to incorporate my passions and deliver a product that incorporated all that I focused on during my Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science​. For me this included strength and conditioning, mental skills training, sports nutrition and sports massage. 

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Daniella Meier

Caleb Dobbs

Master of Science (Sport and Exercise Science)

Former Fairfield College student Caleb is the recipient of the school's Postgraduate Research Award (after being named top postgraduate student in 2008). He has completed his Master of Science (Sport and Exercise Science) thesis on variable resistance training. Caleb is now a strength and conditioning coach for the Waikato Rugby Union, working predominantly with the Waikato Academy training group.


Brad Mayo

Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science

​Brad Mayo is a Wintec graduate who was willing to put in the hard yards early, and it has paid off with both a wealth of knowledge and respect in the industry.

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Brad Mayo

Cairo George

2011 Certificate in Fitness industry training

Since finishing Wintec, Cairo has been working as a personal trainer running his business from a home-based gym and working out of Les Mills Hamilton. Cairo’s professional boxing career has also excelled since holding an undefeated pro record of 11 – 0 (five wins by knock-out).


Cairo George

Graduate Feedback

"This course has helped me concerning my goals and aspirations towards my sport. It has taught me how to prepare, both mentally and physically, for tough competition." 
Scott McLeod, New Zealand All Black Rugby Squad

"This Programme has enabled my development as an athlete. The content is relevant and beneficial, with time rationed for individual sports training." 
Louisa Wall, New Zealand Rugby, former New Zealand Netball representative

"The Programmes have enabled me to optimise my personal performance and obtain employment in the fitness industry." 
Matthew Hart, New Zealand Cricket

"The information and facilities available for students are excellent." 
Tony Blain, New Zealand Test Cricketer and Auckland Cricket Coach

"I have been able to successfully follow a career pathway training elite athletes. The Degree has allowed me to get Sport Science accreditation, so I can work closely with the New Zealand Sport Foundation and its carded athletes programme." 
Jason Wheadon, Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science, New Zealand Tennis Representative

"I entered the course to become a professional sportsperson. Now that I have achieved my goal I realise the importance of what I learnt at Wintec." 
Scott McLeod, Chiefs 2001, Diploma in Personal Fitness Training, Certificate in Sport Studies

"The Centre for Sport and Exercise Science prepared me both physically and mentally for my current international sporting career. Professional and experienced tutors and state-of-the-art exercise science equipment has, in no small part, contributed to my success." 
Jenny-May Coffin, New Zealand Silver Fern, Waikato Magic

"The Sport Science Programme helped me understand training techniques, both physical and mental, and the benefits have now shown in my selection for the Atlanta Olympics." 
Rob Hamill, New Zealand Olympic Rowing Team

"The Sport Science course offered me the opportunity to identify further paths of study in the area of sport, leisure, and exercise. It gave me a lot of background knowledge, which I now use as a PE teacher and sportsperson." 
Amigene Metcalfe, New Zealand A Netball Team, Waikato Magic

"Coming from a minority sport, the Sport Science course has been invaluable to me as it has given me the chance to develop skills to enable me to compete at an Olympic level." 
Angela Paul, Diploma in Personal Fitness Training, New Zealand Luge competitor