Meet the team!

Media Arts Staff

The Media Arts team is friendly, professional, dynamic, and accessible. Staff place an emphasis on quality curriculum, teaching, and assessment - team teaching and student-centred learning practices are a distinctive feature of the Media Arts experience. The tutorial staff maintain close links with the professional environment, and are active in research, publication, and exhibition fields.

If you have a question about Media Arts or our programmes, get in touch with one of our team managers below. We'd love to hear from you.

Our Team Managers: Sam Cunnane (Visual Arts)Cate Prestidge (Communication)Julie Ashby (Fashion and Interior Design), and David Sidwell (Music).           


Fashion Design

Graphic & Digital Design

Interior Design

  • Julie Ashby
  • Katherine Vercoe


Journalism & Radio

Moving Image

  • John Mandelberg
  • Joe Citizen


Painting & Sculpture

  • Gareth Williams
  • Geoff Clarke
  • Lynda Wilson
  • Tim Croucher
  • Xavier Meade


Public Relations

Theory & Postgraduate

Allied Staff

Media Arts office

  • Brenda Theart
  • Lee Lauren
  • Tegwyn Hau

Technician team

  • Geoff Ridder
  • Brad Morgan
  • Tony Nicholls
  • Paul Nelson
  • Martin Page

Ramp Gallery

  • Wendy Richdale

Spark Festival

  • Megan Lyon