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Mohammad AL-Rawi

Principal Academic Staff Member
(Mechanical Engineering)

Contact info

834 8800 ext 3108


Dr. Mohammad Al-Rawi is an expert in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Finite Element (FE) modelling. He used CFD and FE modelling to develop a non-invasive method for detecting cardiovascular diseases and analysing thermal comfort for residential housing in New Zealand. He is also investigating sports engineering applications such as helmet design and fitness education analysis.  

Mohammad’s current research is on improving air quality in residential environments. He is working on a residential air quality improvement device and monitoring system to prevent the negative health consequences associated with living in damp, overcrowded and low-quality housing. This project addresses the measurement and reduction of airborne mould spores and pathogens that are linked to respiratory problems.  

Mohammad is the Treasurer for the Australasian Association for Engineering Education (AAEE) and a member of the AAEE executive. He has worked on engineering education projects on various topics such as constructive alignment within final year projects, intensive course delivery and project-based learning.



  • PhD in Biomedical Engineering, AUT, 2013
  • MSc in Mechanical Engineering (Fluid Dynamics), University of Technology – Iraq, 2006
  • BSc (9th in a class of 65) in Mechanical Engineering – Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, University of Technology – Iraq, 2003

Areas of teaching

  • Applied Computational Modelling 
  • Advanced Thermodynamics 
  • Fluids Power and Advanced Fluid Mechanics 
  • Engineering Fundamentals 
  • Engineering Mathematics 
  • Engineering CAD 
  • Engineering Development Project 

Research area of interest  

  • Indoor air quality (IAQ) 
  • Indoor environmental quality (IEQ) 
  • Thermal comfort 
  • Health and wellbeing  
  • Internet of Things (IoT)  
  • System and control modelling  
  • Cardiovascular diseases  
  • Biomedical applications  
  • Engineering education  

Other areas of expertise 

  • Thermal analysis 
  • Solar panel simulation  
  • Sports engineering applications  

Areas of expertise

Industry experience, affiliations, and achievements

  • Manukau Institute of Technology Excellence Award 2014
  • Institute of Biomedical Technologies – AUT- Cardiovascular Diseases Projects  
  • Biodesign Lab – AUT – Helmet Project 
  • Swinburne University of Technology – System and Control to Electric Furnaces  
  • Chemical Engineering Department the University of Auckland – Indoor Air Quality  
  • STEMfit – STEM and Sports Engineering Projects 
  • Al Khwarizmi College of Engineering, University of Baghdad - System and Control to Electric Furnaces

Current professional and academic affiliations 

  • Australasian Association for Engineering Education (AAEE) Executive Committee Member 2021/2022 
  • The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) - Member  
  • International Sports Engineering Association (ISEA) - Member  
  • Engineering New Zealand - Member 
  • Mobius Institute - Vibration Analysis  

Research activity

Selected research articles: 

  1. Al-Rawi, M. (2021). The thermal comfort sweet-spot: A case study in a residential house in Waikato, New Zealand. Case Studies in Thermal Engineering, 101530.
  2. Al-Rawi, M., Ikutegbe, C. A., Auckaili, A., & Farid, M. M. (2021). Sustainable technologies to improve indoor air quality in a residential house – A case study in Waikato, New Zealand. Energy and Buildings, 250, 111283. 
  3. Chand, P., Al-Rawi, M., James, S., Antony, J., & Jose, J. (2021). A Low-Cost System for Remote Access and Control of Automation Equipment. Machines, 9(7), 138. 
  4. AL-Rawi, M. Chand, P. & Evangelista, A. (2021). Cost-effective Customizable Indoor Environmental Quality Monitoring System. Advances in Technology Innovation. (in press).
  5. Al-Rawi, M., Sharma, C., Zhou, H. (2020). Optimization of pipeline reducer using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling. Indian Journal of Science and Technology, 13(45), 4521–4531.
Selected proceedings papers:  

  1.  AL-Rawi, M., Chand, P., Khanna, J. & Kumari, S. (2021). Developing soft skills to produce work-ready international graduate diploma students in engineering: A comparative study. Work-Integrated Learning on the Rise 2.0, University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand (online), 29-30 of April 2021. 
  2. AL-Rawi, M. & Auckaili, A. (2020). Literature review: Effective teamwork and team diversity in engineering education. ​Australasian Association for Engineering Education AAEE 2020, Sydney, Australia, 6-9 December 2020.
  3. Khanna, J. AL-Rawi, M. & Chand, P. (2020). Implementing project-based learning and tools to develop employability skills for early tertiary learners in engineering education. ​Australasian Association for Engineering Education AAEE 2020, Sydney, Australia, 6-9 December 2020. 
  4. Kumari, S., Ariyarathna, T., AL-Rawi, M. & Ross, J. (2020). Enhancing Active Learning in Challenging World: Simple Strategies. Australasian Association for Engineering Education AAEE 2020, Sydney, Australia, 6-9 December 2020.
  5. AL-Rawi, M., & Oumssount, A. (2020). One-way fluid structure interaction of a go-kart spoiler using cfd analysis. Proceedings, 49(1), 51.
  6. AL-Rawi, M., Lazonby, A., Khanna, J., Kumari, S. & Moridnejad, M. (2019). Assessing group project for fluids power and advanced fluid mechanics paper. Australasian Association for Engineering Education 2019, Brisbane, Australia, 9-11 December 2019.
  7. Daniel, S., AL-Rawi, M., Pearson, A., Symes, M. & Goldfinch, T. (2019). Stop lecturing about active learning: Integrating good teaching practices into AAEE conference sessions. Australasian Association for Engineering Education 2019, Brisbane, Australia, 9-11 Dec 2019.
  8. Khanna, J., AL-Rawi, M. & Kumari, S. (2019). Incorporating effective teaching pedagogies to improve learning and teaching approaches globally. AAEE 2019, Brisbane, Australia, 8-11 December 2019.
  9. Kumari, S., AL-Rawi, M., Khanna, J. & Moridnejad, M. (2019). Motivation and engagement: Māori and Pasifika learners. Australasian Association for Engineering Education 2019, Brisbane, Australia, 9-11 Dec 2019. 
Selected abstract presentations:  

  1.  AL-Rawi, M., Ruan, F. & Burley, J. (2020). Automated bandsawn plywood cladding prime and paint machine. Manufacturing, Design, Entrepreneurship New Zealand (MaDE 2020), Auckland, New Zealand, 7-8 December 2020. 
  2. AL-Rawi, M., Mylarapu, Akhil & Khanna, J. (2019). Thermal power stirling – Green heat engine. MaD2019: A Collaborative Future for NZ Manufacturing and Design, Auckland, New Zealand, 20-21 May 2019.
  3. AL-Rawi, M., Smith, Callan & Ewart, P. (2019). Residential air quality improvement using UV lights. MAD2019, Auckland, New Zealand, 20 - 21 May 2019. 
Proceedings in press:  

  1. M. AL-Rawi. (2021). Do long aorta branches impact on the rheological properties? ASME 2021 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, IMECE 2021 (in press). 
  2. M. AL-Rawi. (2021). Aligning research objectives with student learning outcomes and sustainability objectives in student engineering development project. ASME 2021 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, IMECE 2021 (in press).

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