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Centre for Business, Information Technology and Enterprise

To remain competitive, business models and people need to adapt to the changing world. This is where Wintec's CBITE is educating people with the skills needed not just for today, but for tomorrow's world.

The Centre recognises the interconnectivity between business, IT and enterprise and our students will be exposed to all of these in their education.

The recently launched Centre for Business, Information Technology and Enterprise will play a major role in educating school leavers as well as upskilling those in the workforce who want to remain relevant in their career.

"Business and IT are increasingly embedded in everything we do. They are the drivers for nearly every industry. Wintec's Centre for Business, Information Technology and Enterprise merges our Schools of IT and Business to better reflect the real world of business. We owe it to our students and employers that our teaching, training and education is relevant and meeting the needs of the changing business environment."-Klaus Reiter, Director - Centre for Business, Information Technology and Enterprise (CBITE)

Industry events

Wintec encourages entrepreneurship. We sponsor the Innes48 hours startup competition which gives those students considering a business idea a great opportunity to develop their idea into a business plan and pitch for investment.


The Business area has programmes designed for a range of business careers. These include accountancy, marketing and management. Graduates from the Centre have been very successful in gaining employment in the area of their choice. The programmes may be studied as initial preparation before entering the workforce or as a training and education programme in conjunction with work.

Programmes are “staircased” so students are able to achieve a range of qualifications from certificate and diploma programmes through to a full degree programme. Flexibility is high and students are personally counselled in the planning of their own study pathways.

The semester system allows students to begin either in February or July each year. Lectures and tutorials are delivered by staff who are not only highly qualified academically and in teaching, but who have extensive experience as practising professionals in their field. This means the student is well prepared for the reality of the work place.

The Business Administration & Computing area offers modular programmes of study in office systems and technology and related fields that include high standards of tuition and are highly regarded by students, graduates, employers and professional bodies.

The programmes encompass general and specialist career opportunities. These include legal executive, personal assistant, receptionist, computing, office administration and supervisory management.

The modular structure and flexibility of programmes allows students to complete various external qualifications within their chosen programme and to study modules from other Waikato Institute of Technology schools. This also allows ‘tailoring’ of programmes to meet students’ specific career plans through either full-time or part-time study over an extended period.

Staircasing provides the opportunity for students to enter programmes ranging from introductory and retraining level through to a diploma level. NZQA units are included in most modules, some of which may also be credited towards national qualifications.


Information Technology

Information Technology, comprising approximately twenty five academic, technical and administrative staff, offers a number of modular programmes, which have been designed in conjunction with industry and commerce. The general aim is for students to develop both technically and academically, with interpersonal and work related skills being important components of the course content and delivery. The topics taught cover a broad range of computing and information technology areas.

Students are able to transfer between programmes of study and select specialties within individual programmes. Specialties include programming, user support, network support and implementation, multimedia, database development and administration, project management and computer technician. Graduates of these programmes can enter a range of careers from technical and support roles through to information systems management.

Depending on the course chosen, students are provided with access to a range of specialist laboratories - computing, electronics, electrical, industrial measurement and control, network and training. In addition, an extensive range of relevant books, journals, videotapes and databases are located in the Wintec Library.

The Centre consults directly with many commercial and industrial organisations to ensure our teaching is relevant to current needs of New Zealand business. We have many programmes and courses to offer on a full time, part time or short term (block course) basis, all of which contribute to a variety of nationally recognised and well established qualifications.