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Primary Industries Pathway

The Primary Industries Vocational Pathway includes any occupation in which raw materials are converted to goods for us to use or consume. This includes agriculture, horticulture, seafood, mining, forestry and more. You'll be working outdoors, in a team or by yourself. You will use high-tech machines and equipment; safety is important. You'll work to high standards of environmental management and/ or animal welfare. The Primary Industries will provide you with the opportunity to pursue the type of lifestyle that suits you. Please see Youth Guarantee for a comprehensive list of vocational opportu​​​​​nities in this Pathway.

Primary Industries pathway

Below is a flow chart showing how you might progress through this Vocational Pathway, starting at secondary school level. Click on any bullet-pointed programme for more details.

Year 10, 11 and 12

STAR Experiences: Try a quick STAR experience to get an idea of what study and work in this industry will be like...

Year 12 and 13

Primary Industry Trades Academy Get into Agriculture through Taratahi Primary Industry Trade Academy (PITA)...

Higher Pathways

You've now finished school, what will you do? Start a job or apprenticeship, or come back to Wintec and learn some more...