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Youth Guarantee

On track to a brighter future

Sometimes school doesn't provide the environment a student needs, and when that's the case, they need to get into a place that does. A place where they're inspired by what they're learning, how they're learning and who they're learning from. A place like Wintec.​

Wintec brings learning alive through hands-on activity, industry visits and discussions with employers and other leaders in each area of study. It's an approach that engages, inspires and motivates. And under Youth Guarantee, all of this can be free!

Youth Guarantee is FREE

Youth Guarantee is free for students who are 16 to 19 year olds at the commencement of study, who have not studied at a Tertiary institution before (STAR and GATEWAY courses excluded). Students as young as 15 can also apply with a letter of exemption from their Ministry of Education​.

Students under the Youth guarantee programme will not be eligible for any part of the Student Loan. If you are under 18 you may be able to access a student allowance, if you meet the eligibility criteria. If you are 18-19 you may be able to eligible for the living costs and course-related costs component of the student Loan. Check out

​We'll be there for them

At Wintec, Youth Guarantee students get plenty of support. As part of their course, each student will complete an Individual Learning Plan and receive career planning advice and support. 

Students also have access to STUDENT LEARNING SERVICES who can help with everything from understanding their course to extra tutoring. While TE KETE KONAE offer counselling, cultural and learning support.

Wintec can also assist with a travel allowance to get to and from our campus.

Eligible courses