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Youth Guarantee

Youth Guarantee is hands-on, free study for 16-19 year-olds.

Have you already left school? Are you 16-19 years-old? Check out what you can study as part of the Youth Guarantee free-of-charge courses.

Is this right for me?

For some people, high school just does not work out, but the thought of doing more study can be scary. Maybe you are the first person in your family to study. Maybe you are anxious about the unknown when it comes to a new learning environment. The thought of meeting new people, in a new place might be all a bit much. Do not fear; we are here to support you.

What is Youth Guarantee?

Wintec is delighted to offer a selection of Youth Guarantee courses. These are designed to help teenagers who have already left school, and who might not have any school qualifications, get free access to further study. 

If school wasn't right, how will this be?

We offer a safe and secure learning environment. You can build your confidence by asking questions and making mistakes on your journey towards learning and developing your skills. Courses include hands-on activity, industry visits, and interactions with employers and other industry leaders. They aim to be engaging, inspiring, and practical, giving you the foundations to head into work or to continue studying.

Who succeeds in these programmes?

We find many students who didn't love high school have a great time in these courses. They enjoy the hands-on elements of the study, and the adult environment and relationships they form with their tutors and peers.

What courses can I do?

Our current Youth Guarantee programmes include foundation studies in hair design, cafe and restaurant skills, horticulture, trades, and business. Foundation studies provide all the basics of learning so you can follow your desired path once you finish - whether that's into work or further study. You can view the bottom of this page for all the course details - how long they go for, the location, what you will learn, and more.

Am I eligible?

Youth Guarantee is free for anyone aged 16 to 19-year-old when the course starts, who has not studied at a tertiary institution before (such as Wintec or a university). Students as young as 15 can also apply with a letter of exemption from their Ministry of Education​. If you are interested, we can guide you as to how to do this - contact us, and we can help.

What kind of support can I get?

Wintec can assist with a travel allowance to get to and from the campus where you be based.

We treat our students with respect and support. Whether this is regarding their study, cultural needs, or emotional support, we have many support services available.

For information about whether you can get access to student loans (for costs other than the fees), please contact StudyLink.

Eligible courses