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Centre for Information Technology

Information Technology is a dynamic, ever changing world and the speed of change is rapid. Businesses today are looking for more than just a qualification; they want graduates that can use information and communication technology to assess pros and cons and determine the right approach. 

This is what makes the Centre for Information Technology different. Not only will you gain a highly relevant qualification, you will gain skills that will take you into the future. 

Information Technology offers a number of programmes which have been designed in conjunction with industry. The aim is for students to develop both technically and professionally, with interpersonal and work related skills being important components of the course content and delivery. The topics taught cover a broad range of computing and information technology areas.

Students are able to transfer between programmes of study and select specialities within individual programmes. Specialities include programming, user support, network support and implementation, multimedia, database development and administration, project management and computer technician. Graduates of these programmes can enter a range of careers from technical and support roles through to information systems management.

Depending on the course chosen, students are provided with access to a range of specialist laboratories - computing, electronics, electrical, industrial measurement and control, network and training. In addition, an extensive range of relevant books, journals, videotapes and databases are located in the Wintec Library.

The Centre consults directly with many commercial and industrial organisations to ensure our teaching is relevant to current needs of New Zealand business. We have many programmes and courses to offer on a full time, part time or short term (block course) basis, all of which contribute to a variety of nationally recognised and well established qualifications.