social worker talking to client

Meet the team!

Health and Social Practice staff

Sometimes you just need a little help. Maybe you have a question, or need a bit of guidance through your course. Our team of experienced and approachable staff and clinical tutors are here for you. They are dedicated to helping their students, and each other, reach potential. Proud of sharing successes. And active in the industry and in research, to bring you up-to-date curriculum and teaching. Just the way they should be.

If you have a question about any of our programmes, get in touch with one of our team managers below. We’d love to hear from you.

Our team managers: Glennis Birks (Nursing)Helen Nielsen (Postgraduate), Ruth Martis (Midwifery), Trudy Pocock (Social Practice).

Allied Staff

Catherine Evison, Office Manager

Delia Meier, Academic Administrator

Janeane Shrimpton, Academic Administrator

Julie Thorburn, Interprofessional Research and Practice Lead

Kelly Hynes, Operations Coordinator

​Pip Sullivan, Biomedical Equipment Technician

Sherryl King, Academic Administrator