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Anna Matuszek 

3. Anna Matuszek

Principal Academic Staff Member and Programme Coordinator for Diploma in Applied Science

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Since moving to New Zealand in 2009, I have thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful scenery and lifestyle it has to offer. I enjoy exploring new places and getting to know people from a variety of cultural backgrounds.  

I have a great passion for chemistry and education, as both play such an important role in our lives, opening so many opportunities. 



  • PhD Chemistry, Auckland University
  • MSc Chemistry, Jagiellonian University, Poland
  • MSc Chemistry, Nottingham Trent University, UK
  • Certificate in Adult and Tertiary Education (Level 5), Wintec
  • Certificate in Adult Teaching, Wintec

Areas of expertise

Industry experience, affiliations, and achievements

Research activity

My research background includes work in the field of computer-aided medicinal chemistry (molecular descriptors, modelling of protein-protein and protein-ligand interactions, virtual screening) with material science (molecular conductors based on a BEDT-TTF structure, TiO2 catalysts) and novel testing technologies applicable in chemical and medical research (microfluidics, lab-on-chip).  

Select publications

  • Matuszek, A. M., & Reynisson, J. (2016). Defining known drug space using DFT. Molecular informatics, 35(2), 46-53. 
  • Buchalska, M., Kobielusz, M., Matuszek, A., Pacia, M., Wojtyła, S., & Macyk, W. (2015). On oxygen activation at rutile-and anatase-TiO2. ACS Catalysis, 5(12), 7424-7431. 
  • Robinson, E., Leung, E., Matuszek, A. M., Krogsgaard-Larsen, N., Furkert, D. P., Brimble, M. A., ... & Reynisson, J. (2015). Virtual screening for novel Atg5–Atg16 complex inhibitors for autophagy modulation. MedChemComm, 6(1), 239-246. 
  • Matuszek, A. (2014). Defining Known Drug Space by DFT based molecular descriptors. Virtual screening for novel Atg5-Atg16 complex inhibitors for autophagy modulation (Doctoral dissertation, ResearchSpace@ Auckland). 
  • Akagi, J., Kordon, M., Zhao, H., Matuszek, A., Dobrucki, J., Errington, R., ... & Wlodkowic, D. (2013). Real‐time cell viability assays using a new anthracycline derivative DRAQ7®. Cytometry Part A, 83(2), 227-234. 
  • Akagi, J., Takeda, K., Fujimura, Y., Matuszek, A., Khoshmanesh, K., & Wlodkowic, D. (2013). Microflow cytometry in studies of programmed tumor cell death. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 189, 2-10. 
  • Akagi, J., Skommer, J., Matuszek, A., Takeda, K., Fujimura, Y., Khoshmanesh, K., ... & Darzynkiewicz, Z. (2013, March). Multivariate analysis of apoptotic markers versus cell cycle phase in living human cancer cells by microfluidic cytometry. In Microfluidics, BioMEMS, and Medical Microsystems XI (Vol. 8615, p. 86150W). International Society for Optics and Photonics. 
  • Kim, E. J., Matuszek, A. M., Yu, B., & Reynisson, J. (2011). Theoretical investigations into the role of aryl nitrenium ions’ stability on their mutagenic potential. Australian Journal of Chemistry, 64(7), 910-915. 

What do you enjoy about teaching/your job?

I really enjoy the wide variety of tasks I’m always involved in at my work at Wintec. There is always something new to do, learn, and resolve. Teaching and daily interactions with students keep me motivated and engaged, ensuring we deliver work-ready graduates and contribute positively to their experience and achievements. 

What do you love about your area?

Tell us about your experience in the industry

I have 13 years of experience working at Wintec in the School of Media Arts, Centre for Foundation Studies (Literacy and Numeracy team), and now at the Centre for Applied Science and Primary Industries. Prior to working at Wintec, I worked as a Secretary in primary schools. 

What keeps you busy outside of Media Arts?

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