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Construction and Infrastructure Pathway

The Construction and Infrastructure Vocational Pathway is all about the buildings and structures that we use every day. The work is project based, hands on, creative and satisfying. You will likely work as part of a team, completing projects to a high standard but frequently in an informal, onsite setting. Your worksite may change often. The construction industry involves all aspects of constructing and maintaining buildings: from electrical to design, plumbing to quantity surveying. The range of specialities is huge. The infrastructure industry includes drainage, roading, telecommunication and electricity networks and more. Please see Youth Guarantee for a comprehensive list of vocational opportunities in this Pathway.


Below is a flow chart showing how you might progress through this Vocational Pathway, starting at secondary school level. Click on any bullet-pointed programme for more details.

Year 11 and 12

Year 1 at WTA/Wintec: Commit to spending a whole school year coming to Wintec one day a week as part of your regular school programme..

Year 12 and 13

Year 2 at WTA/ Wintec:​ Loved WTA? Come back for a second year to narrow down your learning to a particular field...

Higher Pathways

You've now finished school, what will you do? Start a job or apprenticeship, or come back to Wintec and learn some more...