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Regan Standing

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Why did I choose to become a lecturer?

Being a lecturer was never on my radar as an undergraduate student. However, through my coaching experiences and integration with different schools, athletes and groups of people I found that teaching and coaching were one in the same. I had a passion for sharing knowledge and helping people fulfill their underlying potential. I have had several key influencers in my life who I feel had a direct impact on my path, priorities and confidence in myself, and I can honestly say I would not be where I am without their support and guidance. Lecturing allowed me to satisfy each of these needs, and I endeavour to be one of those influencers for others and help them find their path and confidence both in their careers, and in life.

What is my approach to teaching?

I feel my style of teaching displays my experience in a sports coaching environment. My classes are aimed to be interactive, engaging and breaking the mould of traditional lecturing experiences. I utilise numerous strategies to provide elements of discovery learning and problem solving. I have high expectations of my students to put in the time needed to get them to where they need to be, as the spoon-feeding approach does not set students up to be world class practitioners in their field. I would like to think I’m open minded about how I can incorporate new and exciting elements into classes, as I am very aware of how different people like to learn. I am open to feedback and constructive criticism as this ultimately provides me an opportunity to step outside my comfort zone and provide a more effective learning environment for my students. Honesty, energy and effort are things that I try to display in classes, as these are elements I hope to pass on to students as they move through their studies whilst here with us.


I have completed my Masters in Sport and Exercise Science which is the base qualification for my academic portfolio.

Outside of this I have been proactive in obtaining numerous additional qualifications to further enhance my understanding and application of knowledge in this field. These have included a Certificate in Tertiary Education, an International Association of Athletics Federations level III lecturer’s qualification, as well as numerous short courses and upskilling workshops. These have been instrumental in staying at the forefront of the Sport Science sector and providing me with relevant and appropriate information which I can then disseminate to the students I teach.

Industry Experience, Affiliations and Achievements

  • 2 publications in Journal of Sports Science and Medicine based on the landing mechanics of Parkour and the reliability of acceleration kinematics
  • Travelling jumps coach for NZ Oceania athletics team (2017)
  • Traveling jumps coach with St Peters athletic tour of USA (2015)
  • Coach of multiple NZ age group high jump champions
  • Member of Athletics NZ jumps advisory board
  • Coach of 20+ high jumpers in Waikato region, likely the single largest high jump squad in NZ
  • Performance analysis completed for High performance Javelin camp (2017, 2015)
  • Performance testing for NZ rugby league
  • Presented at NZ jumps conference (2017)
  • Ex-NZ high jump champion and multiple time medallist
  • Ex-Oceania high jump champion
  • Commonwealth youth high jump representative (2008)
  • Top Wintec post-graduate student (2016)
  • Top Wintec bachelor student (2015)
  • Post graduate research award (2015)
  • Contribution to sport award (2015)
  • Wintec academic scholarship (2012)
  • Top Wintec certificate student (2011)
  • 2014 Hamilton Hawks coach of the year




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