Marrin Haggie

Marrin Haggie

Senior Academic Staff Member

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What do you love about your job?

I like the people – whether it’s the students, the staff or people we work with externally. I find working with a variety of people to be very interesting. 

What is your experience in the industry?

I graduated with my degree in 2001, since then I have worked around the world as a practitioner and athlete. I have been teaching at Wintec since 2011. 

  • Teikyo University Rugby (Testing and consulting)
  • Triathlon and Ironman (Testing and Consulting)
  • Māori and Indigenous Health Consultant
  • New Zealand Rugby League National Trainers Accreditation
  • Waikato Rugby League (Trainer, Strength and Conditioner)
  • New Zealand Māori Rugby League (Trainer, Strength and Conditioner)
  • New Zealand Universities and Tertiary Students Rugby League (Council member, strength and conditioning consultant)
  • New Zealand Rugby League (Consultant, Trainer)

What are your qualifications and educational background?

  • Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science
  • Postgraduate Diploma of Sport and Exercise Science (with Distinction)
  • Master of Science (Sport and Exercise Science, with Distinction)
  • Doctoral Candidate 

What are your areas of interest?

  • Exercise physiology
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Athletic performance
  • Māori, Pasifika, and indigenous health

What are some of your hobbies and interests?

I am currently working on completing my PhD. Also, sport as a player, a coach, and as a parent – that’s what keeps me busy.




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