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Business graduates can work in almost any industry, be part of some of the biggest companies in the world, and specialise in the area that interests them most - innovation and entrepreneurship, accounting, human resources, finance, event management, sales and marketing, management and much more.

​​Wintec’s mix of latest technology, industry respected tutors, and an internationally recognised qualification is just what students need to set them on their way.

Wintec continuously reviews industry trends and employer needs to keep content relevant and up-to-date.

It’s an approach that’s res​ulting in graduates with the technical and entrepreneurial skills relevant to today’s workplace.​​​​​


Studying business can help you prepare for a broad range of careers. Here are just a few ...


A qualification in accounting can lead to careers in accounting. Career opportunities include finance administrator, inventory controller, accounts receivable/payable officer. The Bachelor of Applied Management allows potential to become a Chartered Accountant. Graduates of Business 5 with the Accounting strand may equip graduates with the academic requirements for CAANZ’s Accounting Technicians College.


  • Accounting strand


  • Accounting (with or without CAANZ/CPA pathway)

Supply chain management

Graduates of these programmes will be qualified to work in a range of supply chain management and operations related roles such as demand management, manufacturing planning and control, inventory management, procurement and distribution as well as health and safety rules and regulations.

Note: Candidates must be in employment or have access to an organisation where they have supply chain operations responsibilities as part of their role.


  • Supply chain logistics
  • Operations and production management

Sales and marketing / retail management

Marketing and selling products and services in today’s competitive business environment requires a sophisticated and unique skill set. Graduates with a sales and marketing focus will be equipped to work in a variety of career fields such as sales, advertising, marketing promotions and public relations. Graduates with a retail management focus will be equipped to work as sales assistants, department manager, store manager, merchandise buyer and specialist management positions. 


  • Sales and marketing
  • Retail management

Strategic management / leadership

Strategic Management and Leadership are ideal for students who wish to develop a portable set of management skills applicable to a wide range of industries. Graduates will be equipped to work as a manager, team leader, supervisor and have the knowledge to provide effective leadership for a team. 

Note: candidates must be in employment, or have access to an organisation.
Applicants must be in employment where they are managing or supervising staff as part of their everyday responsibilities.


  • Leadership


Administration skills are always in demand. Graduates of the Business 3 programme will have the skills and knowledge to work a wide range of supervised general office administration roles in a variety of sectors, including receptionist, data entry operator, front line customer service roles, call or contact centre operators, secretary, office support workers.

Graduates of the Business 4 programme will have the skills and knowledge work as a senior receptionist, lead administrator, front line customer service roles, call or contact centre operators, web administrator, service desk coordinator, personal assistant, secretary, office support workers.

Event management

There is a growing demand for qualified event management practitioners both here and overseas. Careers exist in event planning and management, conference management, sponsorship and fundraising and the hospitality and entertainment industries.

Innovation and entrepreneurship

Career opportunities will open for those who wish to own and operate your own business or intending to work in an organisation focused on innovation. Careers exist where you need to innovate and create game-changing products and services, incorporate customers' feedback in developing a service or product and raise funds needed for growth.

Human resource management

Career opportunities are applicable to a wide range of roles and organisations including Human Resources Manager, Training Manager, Recruitment Officer and HR Consultant.


Business courses

Starting your career

Looking to start or change your career? These programmes will help you get there.

Changing your career

Already have a degree or relevant experience, these programmes could help you change your career, or extend your skills into a new area.

Advancing your career

Looking to advance your career?
These programmes will help give you the skills you need.

Professional programmes/short courses

Administration courses


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About the Faculty

To remain competitive, business models and people need to adapt to the changing world. Today’s employers are looking for more than just a qualification. They are also looking for specific attributes – values, behaviours and skills. This is where Wintec's Centre for Business and Enterprise is educating people with the skills and attributes needed not just for today, but for tomorrow's world.

The Centre for Business and Enterprise (CBE) has strong links with employers through their employer partnerships and advisory groups. Staff are highly qualified and are represented in many professional bodies, like CAANZ, CPA, CFA, AAPNZ and HRINZ. They can help you get involved with these organisations too. Depending on your programme of study you may have opportunities for work experience through visits to work places and through projects and internships for businesses and community groups. Events are also available where you can meet employers. 

The labour market in New Zealand is following a global trend: skilled workers will be in strong demand for years to come. We take pride in giving you the applied skills employers want. Those skills will make you stand out. 

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