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Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Informatics


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The Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Informatics programme has been developed to meet an increasing demand from industry and organisations for professionals with interdisciplinary knowledge and skills in information management. This programme provides a pathway for professional development for graduates with a relevant degree. Students will learn about the social, cultural, and  organisational settings in which information is used. Areas of specialisation could include e-commerce, strategic planning, organisational behaviour, and services management.

Informatics has to do with the science of information and the practice of information management. Information plays an increasingly pervasive role in our daily lives. How we relate to technology and how technology relates to us is becoming progressively more important. Information systems need to be engineered to deliver data in a way that accurately reaches, communicates with and influences its intended recipients.

This programme is about the use of information systems as solutions in business environments. Students will learn how the analysis and implementation of information systems can be used to deliver information to the right people in the most effective time and ways.

We live in an age where the volume and complexity of information threatens to overwhelm us. Practitioners who can manage the necessary systems and people to make such information commercially useful will be in high demand. Students will, therefore, learn how to think critically and solve problems creatively.

What you'll learn

Students will study:

  • Informatics and Society
  • Project Management for Informatics

Then select from the following electives:

  • Management of Information Systems
  • Management Support Systems
  • e-Business Models and Systems
  • e-Business Strategies
  • Strategic Planning
  • Organisational Behaviour and Change
  • Accounting Informatics
  • Information Systems Essentials
  • Information Technology Essentials
  • Business Essentials
  • And others...

View programme modules

Table 1: Compulsory modules (30 credits)

Module code Module name Level Credits Pre-requisites Co-requisites
INFO801Project Management for
Information Technology
815ITPD711 or equivalent
INFO802Research in Information Technology815ITPD711 or equivalent

Table 2: Elective modules (at least 30 credits)

Module code Module name Level Credits Pre-requisites Co-requisites
ITPD811e-Business Models and Systems815ITPD711 or equivalent 
INFO812Management of Information Systems815ITPD711 or equivalent 
ITPD813Management Support Systems815ITPD711 or equivalent 
INFO816Special Topic in Informatics815ITPD711 or equivalent 
INFO814Security and Forensics815ITPD711 or equivalent

 Approved modules at level 8 from another qualification    

Table 3: Elective modules (at least 15 credits)

Module code Module name Level Credits Pre-requisites Co-requisites
BSPD821e-Business Strategies815BIZM701 or equivalent 
BSPD822Management of Services815BIZM701 or equivalent 
BSPD823Organisational Behaviour and Change815BIZM701 or equivalent 
BSPD824Strategic Planning815BIZM701 or equivalent 
Approved modules at Level 8 from another qualification8   

Table 4: Elective modules (at most 45 credits)

Module code Module name Level Credits Pre-requisites Co-requisites
BIZM701*Business Essentials for IT Professionals715  
ITPD711**Information Systems Essentials715  
Approved modules at Level 7 from another qualification7   

Note: not all modules may be offered in any given year.

* Module BIZM701 is only available to candidates who do not already have an approved Business qualification

** Module ITPD711 is only available to candidates who do not already have an approved Information Technology qualification

Postgraduate support

The Postgraduate Office at Wintec has been created to support postgraduate students in their studies and research by providing dedicated resources and advice. Wintec also has a dedicated Research Office which is the hub of research at Wintec and caters to all researchers, both staff and students.

Entry criteria

General academic admission

a) Candidates are required to have gained:
i) a degree (or equivalent) that incorporates applied information technology studies; or
ii) any other degree (or equivalent) and at least two years’ experience of designing and/or developing and/or customising an information system in a business context (including the education, health, government and not‐for‐profit sectors).

Special admission

Domestic applicants aged 20 years or above who have not met the General Admission or entry requirements for a programme but whose skills, education or work experience indicate that they have a reasonable chance of success1 may be eligible for Special Admission.  Special admission will be granted at the discretion of the relevant Head of School/Centre Director or designated nominee. Such applicants may be required to successfully complete a foundation, bridging or tertiary introductory programme as a condition of entry into higher level programmes.

Provisional entry

Domestic applicants aged under 20 years who have not met the general academic admission and entry criteria for a programme but who can demonstrate a reasonable chance of success through other educational attainment and/or work or life experience may be eligible for provisional entry at the discretion of the relevant Head of School/Centre Director or designated nominee. Provisional entry places restrictions on re‐enrolment to be lifted if the applicant’s performance is deemed satisfactory by the relevant Head of School/Centre Director or designated nominee.

English language requirements

Candidates who have English as a second language are required to have an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) score of 6.5, with no individual band score lower than 6.0; or equivalent.

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Year 1 students, starting November 2019

Date:   15 November 2019
Time:   1pm-3pm
Venue: Events Room One, The Hub

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