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Vocational Pathway - Construction and Infrastructure Sector (Level 2)

About the programme

In this NCEA Level 2 programme, you’ll be introduced to and get an exciting look into the trades construction and infrastructure industry. Your first year of learning is hands-on practical where you will learn components in electrical, plumbing and building, as well as the opportunity to create things that you will be proud of. This course offers entry-level skills that you can take with you into the next level of your career in construction and infrastructure.

Vocational pathway: Construction and Infrastructure

Programme code: YP1501

Programme modules: Building, Electrical Engineering, Plumbing and Gasfitting

NCEA level: Level 2 (Level 3 in year 2)

Number of credits: 37

​Criteria: Students enrolled in the WTA must still attend secondary school and keep up with their normal school work. The unit standards achieved at the WTA will count towards NCEA Level 1, 2 or 3.​  

Duration of programme: 32 weeks. February to November, option to re-enrol for year two

Programme structure: 1 day per week (8.30am-3pm) during the school term

Location: Depending on your closest location, it will be one of the following:

  • Wintec Rotokauri Campus, 51 Akoranga Rd, Hamilton 
  • Kopu Workshop, 25 Kopu Road, Thames
  • Otorohanga Campus, 128-130 Maniapoto St, Ōtorohanga

Cost: Free to the student

Transport: To be arranged with your school and covered by WTA (if applicable)

Further details: and

Contacts: You must enrol through your school. See your careers advisor

Year two entry criteria: To move on to year two you will need to have completed 80% of the available credits in year one.

Please note this programme is pending external approval.

Programme content

Unit StandardTitleVersionLevel CreditsWintec code
05907Work safely with electrical equipment621TE05907C
17799Demonstrate knowledge of testing for electronic safety for electrical appliances servicing - single-phase622TE17799
15852Isolate and test low-voltage electrical subcircuits622TE15852
15849Perform manual soldering and de-soldering procedures for electrotechnology work622TE15849
​25068Perform basic residential plumbing maintenance under supervision125TE25068
02136Identify and describe hand tools and testing equipment for plumbing 522TE02136
02139Soft solder metal joints423TE02139
02142Apply sealant to joints433TE02142
1120Identify and describe hand tools and checking equipment for drainlaying
24354Demonstrate knowledge of and apply safe working practices in a BCATS environment324TC24354
24361Apply mathematical processes to BCATS projects323TE24361
12936Construct a non-consent timber framed utility building as a BCATS project628TC12936
​​ Total NZQA Credits
​ 37

Girls in engineering programme

Wintec have teamed up with Hamilton based manufacturer Longveld ​​​​​​​to offer a unique training course for young women interested in a career in fabrication and engineering.