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Shafee Bhure

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Senior Academic Staff Member (Biology)

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I am an avid birdwatcher and wildlife photographer with a passion for nature and conservation. 


  • Outstanding support for contribution to Professional Development Program
  • Leading Professional Learning and Development (PLD) session for science teachers at the GEMS Schools, Sharjah, 2018
  • Certificate of Excellence for Action Research, 2015 
  • Winner of the Above and Beyond Award in the first year of teaching, 2014


  • M.Ed. (Hons), AUT
  • M.Sc. (Avian Biology and Wildlife Biology), MSU, India
  • B.Ed. (Science and Mathematics), Mumbai, India
  • B.Sc. (Entomology), Mumbai, India

Areas of expertise

Industry experience, affiliations, and achievements

Research activity

  • Dissertation – “Food Habitat preferences and Hormonal profile of Indian Stripped Hyena", 2011
  • Action Research - “A study on Impact of ICT on teaching and learning process of Science in Secondary schools”, 2013
  • Action Research – “Does putting flipped classrooms into practice make a child a more independent learner”, 2015
  • Dissertation – “Journey towards understanding biodiversity activism in young adults in New Zealand”, 2021

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What do you enjoy about teaching/your job?

It allows me to make a positive impact, inspire growth, and be part of something that contributes to society.

What do you love about your area?

I became a teacher to inspire the younger generation to conserve, and Wintec offers me the best possible way to reach a wide range of people who care about biodiversity and conservation.

Tell us about your experience in the industry

Prior to becoming a tutor, I was a wildlife researcher working with Indian Stripped Hyenas, which led me to teach. Previous to this, I have been a science teacher and department head in a school in Dubai for five years later moving to New Zealand and teaching in secondary schools here. 

What keeps you busy outside of Media Arts?

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