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Applied Work Integrated Learning

Are you or your business looking for an intern, or do you have a project that you need extra hands with? Our Applied Work Integrated Learning (AWIL) Programme may be able to help.

About Applied Work Integrated Learning (AWIL)

AWIL is our work-integrated learning programme and a significant feature of our Bachelor of Applied Management (BAM), business graduate diplomas and postgraduate programmes. Our Centre for Business and Enterprise is part of the Work-Integrated Learning New Zealand (WILNZ)  programme, a three-way partnership between the learner/ākonga, a host organisation, and an education provider.

The purpose of a placement (internship) is to provide ākonga with the opportunity to gain work experience in their chosen area while supporting an organisation. Connecting learners to authentic workplace environments give them the time, place and support to integrate their theoretical and practical learning. 

This programme consists of two types of placements; a work placement (internship) and an industry project. Work placement allows ākonga to experience hands-on the complexities of a working environment and become part of a functioning, operational team. In a research project, they will apply theoretical knowledge to a workplace problem or issue. The host organisation determines the research project and is directly related to the major the student is studying. This project can be a good opportunity for businesses to gain valuable insights into the challenges they may be facing.

Our ākonga specialise in the following areas:

  • Accounting (CAANZ & Non-CAANZ)
  • Human Resource Management
  • Operations and Production Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Supply Chain Logistics Management


Work-integrated learning is a win-win for organisations, ākonga and our centres.

Organisation benefits

  • An additional pair of hands for the completion of tasks, deliverables and projects
  • The enthusiasm of a keen ākonga​
  • A good human resource strategy for ​shortcutting recruitment, identifying and developing future employees​
  • Contribution to growing future leaders​
  • Fresh perspectives and ideas for your business
  • Provides opportunities for growth

Student benefits​

  • Gaining “real life” experience​ in preparation for entering the workforce
  • Understanding of the relationships between theory and practice​
  • An opportunity to sample career options​ and apply skills and knowledge in a practical setting
  • Enhanced career prospects through relevant experience
  • Growth in maturity, self-awareness and confidence
  • Exposure to the enjoyment and challenges inherent in real-world working environments
  • Developing networks and relationships

Wintec | Te Pūkenga benefits​

  • Development and growth of industry​ relationships
  • A greater understanding of industry needs which assists in planning and developing our curriculum ​
  • Ability to be involved in collaborative and relevant research of benefit to industry and academics


As the organisation, you will identify a project topic, provide a supervisor, and support the ākonga in their work placement. We will ensure each ākonga has an academic supervisor to help and guide them during their work placement and research project. Payment is not expected; however, we encourage organisations to consider reimbursement of student expenses, eg parking.

Industry partners are invited to attend our AWIL Student-led Conference held at the end of each year, where ākonga present their findings before completing their final research report. 

What do the placements and projects need to involve?

Work placements can be varied and involve learning the operations and processes in any organisation. The applied research project needs to address a current challenge faced by your industry or organisation and relates to their study area.
Examples include:

AccountingReview procedures for collecting client information for income tax returns and GST returns. MYOB vs Xero.
Sales and marketingUndertake market research for a new product as a project team member.
Human resourcesReview health and safety systems for your organisation and make recommendations.
Operations and production managementAudit supply chain and logistics for a product and recommend improvements.
Strategic managementUndertake a cost-benefit analysis and suggest possible options.
Event managementEvaluate the feedback of an event from the vendors, participants and sponsors and make recommendations for the future.


Timing and hours

The start and end dates of the placement are negotiable with the host organisation.

Work placement hours are over one semester, with 120 hours for accounting and graduate diploma programmes and 250 hours for all other majors.

Ākonga will negotiate a minimum number of hours they must complete related to their programme of study. It is beneficial for the work placement to occur prior to or concurrently with the research project. This enables them to understand the business, the environment in which it operates, its strengths, and the challenges it faces. 

Contact us

If you have an opportunity or would like more information, please contact:

Nima Riini
Telephone: 07 834 8800 ext 3721


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