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Centre for Teaching and Learning - FAQ

Can I do Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education) (ECE) part-time?

​Yes you can. You must still complete 6 hours per week in an ECE centre (normally 12) and attend classes as arranged with the ECE Academic Leader.

Can I do a Transfer of Credit for Bachelor of Teaching (ECE)?

Transfer of credit will need to be assessed on a case by case basis with our transfer of credit coordinator.

What additional documents do I need to supply with the application form?

  • Photo identification (if applying for the Bachelor of Teaching (ECE))
  • Verified Copy of Birth Certificate or Passport
  • Current CV
  • Personal Statement
  • Referee Reports (2 if you have been out of school for more than a year, 3 if in the last year you were at school) Must be completed on the required referee report forms
  • Must declare any criminal convictions

If I am planning on doing just one of the modules do I have to pay for the whole course up front or can I pay for each module as I enrol for it?

You can pay for each module as you enrol, many people do these courses  around full-time teaching work and can only do one or two modules a year.

How much is each TESOL/GDITE/CATE module?

The cost is included in the timetables beside each paper.

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