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Waikato Trades Academy - Certificate in Electrical Engineering (Level 2)

About the programme

In this project based course our tutors will lead you through the electrical principles of basic magnetism and electromagnetism, basic understanding of electrical and electronic components, electrical mathematics and calculations, electrical circuit concepts, designing and the manufacture of an electronic project; all the while being carefully shown how to operate within a safe working environment.

Vocational pathway: Manufacturing and Technology and Construction and Infrastructure

NCEA level: Level 2

Number of credits: 30 credits

Programme structure: This course will run 1 day per week (8.30am - 3pm) during the school term.

Duration of programme: 32 days

Location: Wintec Rotokauri Campus, 51 Akoranga Rd, Hamilton

Entry criteria: To move on to year two you will need to have completed 80% of the available credits in year one, and 100% of the available credits relating to your chosen year two module. Candidates who do not meet this may be accepted at the discretion of the WTA.

Further details:

You must enrol through school. See your Careers Advisor.

Programme modules

Unit StandardTitleVersionLevelCredits
5911Explain basic Magnetism and Electromagnetism as applied to the Electrotechnology industry411
5922Use cutting tools and machines in the performance of electrical installation and maintenance522
6626Demonstrate knowledge of electrical and electronic components623
17799Demonstrate knowledge of testing for electrical safety for electrical appliance servicing - single phase 622
18239Demonstrate introductory knowledge of circuit concepts and measurements for electronics725
18241Demonstrate knowledge of basic electronic systems725
18243Construct a simple electronic product from a supplied circuit schematic526
23751Demonstrate knowledge of electrical calculations and theory, test instruments, and components of electrical equipment326
 Total NZQA Credits​  30