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Level 2 - Manufacturing & Technology Waikato Trades Academy

There are two aspects to this Vocational Pathway: all of the processes needed to turn out finished products, and applying innovative and creative ideas to manufacturing.

In this programme you’ll build your own fuel powered bike which you will get to keep at the end of the year! You’ll learn automotive, electrical, engineering, panel beating and industrial spray painting skills as you work through the process of building your bike.


​​The Manufacturing and Technology Vocational Pathway at Wintec is hands-on, project based, and great for individuals who are looking for an exciting industry based career. 

Manufacturing covers project planning, design, fabrication, manufacturing, quality control; all of the processes needed to turn out finished products. The technology side challenges students to be innovative and creative while working in an industry based environment. This pathway also uses basic maths and science to solve problems.

The year two specialisations available are Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Automotive Engineering. Note: not all year two programmes will be available in Thames.

Introduction to Manufacturing & Technology Level 2


Vocational Pathway: Manufacturing and Technology

Programme Modules: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Automotive Engineering

NCEA Level: Level 2 (Level 3 in year 2)

Criteria: Students enrolled in the WTA must still attend secondary school and keep up with normal school work. The unit standards achieved at the WTA will count towards NCEA Level 1, 2 or 3.​

Number of Credits: 37 ​​

Duration of Programme: February to November with the option to re-enrol for a second year in August.

Programme Structure: 1 day per week (8:30am - 3:00pm) during the school term. This may also include a 2-5 day block course sometime during the year.

Location: Depending on your closest location, it will be one of the following:

Wintec Rotokauri Campus, 51 Akoranga Rd, Hamilton

25 Kopu Road, Thames

Cost: Free to the student

Transport: To be arranged with your school and covered by WTA (if applicable)

Further Details: Waikato Trades Academy or

Contacts: You must enrol through your school. See your Careers Advisor

Year Two Entry Criteria: To move on to year two you will need to have completed 80% of the available credits in year one.

Unit StandardTitleCreditLevelVersion
18243Construct simple electronic products625
21707Automotive electrical principles621
02395BEngineering hand tools428
04433Select, use, and care for simple measuring devices used in engineering216
21911Worksite safety222
21679Balancing and interchanging road wheels222
21722Balance wheels221
21869Road wheels112
21718Hazardous materials221
21671BCarry out general engineering tasks421
 Total NZQA Credits37  

Girls In Engineering Programme

Wintec have teamed up with Hamilton based manufacturer Longveld ​​​​​​​to offer a unique training course for young women interested in a career in fabrication and engineering.