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Diploma in Arboriculture

New Zealand Diploma in Arboriculture (Level 6)


Course details

  • Feb 2020
  • One year
  • Full-time or Part-time
  • $7149 per year
  • Level 6
  • Hamilton Gardens Campus


This programme provides further project work for students to advance their skills into more specialised areas, and develop their independent assessment, contractual and research, and process skill. Through work integration, students are able to immerse themselves in the real-life work environment, gaining practical interpersonal skills and mentorship from professionals in industry.

Tutors become facilitators in the education process, challenging students thought processes and coaching their ideas, as the students pathway into the arboriculture profession.

Students will gain advanced knowledge of tree health and management, and be seen as a specialist in urban forest management for planning and development decision making.

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Note: no value in the pre/co-requisite columns means there are no pre/co-requisites for that module.

Module CodeModule TitleLevelCreditsPre-RequisitesCo-Requisites
ARBO600Advanced Arboriculture Law610
ARBO601Advanced Tree Biology and Mechanics610
ARBO602Entomology in Trees65
ARBO603Pathology in Trees65
ARBO604Advanced Tree Inspection65
ARBO605Hazard Analysis of Trees65
ARBO606Advanced Tree Valuation65  
ARBO607Notable Tree Valuation and Registration65  
ARBO608Procurement of Arboriculture Contracts65
ARBO609Monitoring Arboriculture Contracts610
ARBO610Arboricultural Management Practice610
ARBO611Tree Planting Plans for Contracts610
ARBO612Contractual Tree Identification610  
ARBO613Arboriculture Research Topic6


ARBO614Urban Forest Management Research610  


Career/further opportunities

Graduates may be employed in a range of arboriculture professions and tree management related roles.

Entry criteria

You can apply for this programme if you meet one of the below options.

Based on study completed after school (tertiary study)

  • Completed the New Zealand Certificate in Arboriculture (Level 5) strands in Arboriculture Supervisory Operations and Arboriculture Technical Operations.
  • Or a recognised equivalent. ​

Based on your work experience (on the job)

If you can demonstrate relevant knowledge, skills and experience that you have gained through work experience, that will help you to be successful in the programme.​

Based on discretionary entrance

If you don’t meet any of the above options, and you think you have what it takes to complete this programme, you can apply for discretionary entrance. Your application may be accepted if you can demonstrate a good chance of success. Approval of discretionary entrance applications is decided by the relevant manager. If your application is approved, your acceptance into further programmes relies on you demonstrating success in this programme.

Selection criteria

Candidates without relevant qualifications may be required to participate in an interview and selection process. The following may be considered in the selection process:
i. The completion of a study skills assessment to demonstrate the level of academic skill necessary to successfully complete the programme.
ii. Previous experience working in the arboriculture sector. May include previous employment or voluntary work.
iii. Personal qualities such as responsibility, teamwork and practical skills.

English language requirements

Candidates who have English as a second language are required to have an International English Language Test System (IELTS) score of 6 in the academic band, with no individual band score lower than 5.5; or equivalent.

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