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New student information

We hope you are excited about starting your study journey.

Being a new student is a big deal, and we understand that as well as feeling excited, this can be a nervous time. Below you will find information to help you prepare before you arrive. We encourage you to take the time to get ready so you are all set up and ready to start your first day.

Your course and first-day information

You will receive course information from us before your first day, so you know everything about what you need, and where you need to go when you start.

Induction day is the first day of class. You will need to attend this as you will be receiving resources and information that will help you prepare for the rest of the year.

To find out all the information regarding your induction, visit the Your First Day tab on your programme page. There you will find when and where it will be held. You can also find additional course information, including what you need to bring with you.

Click here for steps on finding your course induction information.

Getting ready

Check out the Welcome page designed for new students who are with us for the first time. Here you will find our Quick-start Guide with loads of tips and a checklist for you to work through. This checklist is a good reminder to review and complete many things that will help you day-to-day such as parking, transport, and your ID card.

Understand your timetable 

You can find your course timetable here with handy guides and tips. Follow the instructions and select your programme of study to find out where you need to be and when.

Be sure to check this directly before your induction day as this information can at times change.

For a step by step video guide, click here and watch our how-to guide on using the Wintec Student Timetable.

Understanding Moodle, My learning and student@wintec

Moodle is the Wintec student portal that provides all your lecture notes, research material, and practice tests in one location. As well as your course material, Moodle will also give you access to a help centre, where you will find information on referencing and assignment writing. You can access Moodle anytime, anywhere where you have computer access and an internet connection.

To access Moodle, log in here using your student user name and password.

My learning  
My learning is a page of resources available to help support your learning journey.

student@wintec is our digital portal where you can access everything related to your study at Wintec.

Using the student Learner Success Toolkit

The Wintec Learner Success Toolkit has been designed to help you build your academic skills and connect you to other support services available at Wintec. Find tips on how to use Zoom, write assignments, as well as study skill techniques to help you succeed.

Access the Learner Success Toolkit here.

Transport and parking

There are various transport options to our campuses. To find options and to find the best bus route for you, visit here.

Parking is available at all three campuses. Parking permits are required at the Hamilton City Campus only. Permits are easy to arrange; click here and follow the instructions to organise online.

Motorbike and scooter parking is free, and a parking permit is not required. You must use the designated motorbike and scooter parking spaces.

Find out the areas where you can park

Explore the campuses

To help navigate your way around, have a look at our campus maps online here. You can download a copy to print or keep in a handy place. 

Book a Campus Tour with our Student Support team members who will show you around your designated campus including study spaces, student support services, the library, Wharenui and the student hub. This is an excellent opportunity to get familiar with everything the campus has to offer early on in your journey.

Organise your accommodation

If you need to access student accommodation, choosing the right fit for you is an important part of your study journey and will help you transition smoothly.

Wintec has three student accommodation options to choose from:

For more information on these and to apply online, click here. You can also find information on other accommodation options available in Hamilton here.

If you are unsure where to start, contact the Wintec Accommodation Services team for support and advice on finding the right accommodation for you.

Support available to students

We have a large range of Student Support Services in place to assist you and help you succeed. Check out some of the services below to find more information and discover how we can support you throughout your studies:

You can contact the teams directly here.

Organise childcare

We have an on-site childcare centre at the Hamilton City Campus, called Kidz@Wintec. Places are limited, so it is best to register your interest early. Please contact the Centre Manager, Doreen Frame, for more information about our facilities.

If you are studying at the Rotokauri Campus, click here to find childcare options nearby.

You may be entitled to a Work and Income NZ (WINZ) subsidy to help with the cost of childcare. Subsidies vary depending on your situation. Speak to WINZ directly about your options.

Social media and clubs

We have various social media networks for you to stay connected with fellow students and staff. This is a great way to find about events, news or announcements. Find all the social media channels here.

Sawit - Student Association of Wintec is a student-led, independent organisation providing a source of advocacy, pastoral care and representation for our students. This is a great place to stay well informed, promoting a positive student culture and environment, and ensuring your welfare is preserved while you study. You can contact the Students' Association directly here.

Changing your course and cross-credit options

You can request a change to your enrolment at any time; however, we recommend doing this as soon as possible to be eligible for a fees refund. If you find your course too difficult, think you have chosen the wrong programme or want to change, please contact a student advisor, and we can support and help you with options. If you have started your course, talk to your tutor, who can also advise you.

To request a change online, fill out the Change to enrolment and withdrawal form or contact the Student Enrolment and Information team here.

There are cross-credit options if your programme of study includes a module similar to one you have complete before.

To find out more about course transfers and cross-credit options, please email us and a Student Representative will be in contact, or alternatively, fill out the Application for Transfer of Credit - External or Application for Transfer of Credit - Internal form.

Do you need further assistance?

Contact a member of our Student Recruitment team here.

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