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Academic dress (regalia)

Academic dress or regalia is a traditional form of clothing worn for academic occasions. Academic regalia is required to be worn for students graduating at degree level or above. It is optional for all other students. 

Regalia is available to hire or buy from Academic Dress Hire. This should be ordered well in advance of your graduation ceremony.

Please visit for more information.

Click here to watch a short video on how to wear regalia.

  • What to wear (wintec qualifications)
  • Hiring Academic Dress
  • How to wear academic regalia
  • Academic Dress Hire location

  • What to wear (Wintec qualifications)

    Black gown

    Black gown and blue stole

    Black gown, blue hood and trencher (cap)

    Degree (Honours)
    Black gown, blue with red stripe hood and trencher (cap)

    Black gown, red with blue stripe hood and trencher (cap)

    • A kākahu (Māori cloak) may be worn over the academic gown.
    • International dress representative of you home country may be worn UNDER your academic gown.
    • If you have a qualification from another institute, wear the academic dress relative to your HIGHEST qualification.
    • Those receiving a degree, who already hold an undergraduate qualification from another institute must wear Wintec degree academic dress.
    • If you already have a degree (prior to this graduation) full academic dress is worn (as per degree above).

    Hiring academic dress

    You must order your regalia online. To order your academic dress or regalia, visit All information is available for students on this website, including a step by step process of what you need to hire for your qualification. 

    Regalia must be returned to Academic Dress Hire by the times indicated in the Collection and Return Times. Please check the Academic Dress Hire website for further information.

    Regalia can be hired or bought from Academic Dress Hire run by the Waikato Graduate Women Charitable Trust Inc. All profits from this service are used to fund local and national scholarships and grants. Academic Dress Hire is open Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 12.00 pm, however, hours are extended during Graduation week.

    How to wear academic regalia

    The Gown
    The arms go through the sleeve openings. The garment needs to be firmly on the shoulders. Do not pull the right and left front sides of the gown together.

    The Hood
    Open the hood and put the neckband over the head. Make sure the lining of the square tail lies flat against the back (see illustration). To keep the neckband in place secure with a safety-pin to the gown taking care not to pin through (to the coloured silk lining).The cowl of the hood hangs against the back in a fold which exposes part of the hood lining from the right shoulder.

    The Trencher
    Is worn with the larger peak placed at the back of the head. The smaller peak is placed well down over the
    forehead, between the eyes. The tassel hangs over the left eye. The trencher is worn square on the head, not at an angle.

    Graduation dress guide

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