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Transport, parking, and security

Wintec bus subsidy — save 50% on bus travel

Wintec students and staff with a current Bee Card can get a 50% discount on BUSIT bus fares within Hamilton and the Waikato, and the Te Huia train to Auckland, at all times of the day and week. This discount brings one-way bus fares across Hamilton city to $1 and across the Waikato region from $1.50-$2.50. 

The 50% Wintec discount also applies to capped fares for Bee Card users, making unlimited travel possible from Monday to Sunday for less. 

The Wintec bus discount through Bee Card needs to be applied for each year. Make sure you renew yours for 2022 travel so you don’t miss the bus!


For example, students and staff using a Bee Card can have their fares capped from just $9 per week for unlimited travel across Hamilton. Once the cap is reached, all further travel will be free.

How do I get the Wintec 50% discount?

  1. Get a Bee Card – they cost $5 either online, via 0800 205 305, from the retailers listed here or from the BUSIT counter inside the Transport Centre on the corner of Bryce and Anglesea Street in Hamilton. 
    If you already have an existing registered Bee Card, you can go straight to step 3. 

  2. Register your Bee Card

  3. Verify you are a Wintec student or a Wintec staff member by registering your Bee Card number with Wintec to activate your discount. (Note: There are separate forms for staff and students, so ensure you choose the link that relates to you). Your subsidy should be activated within three working days. You can log in to your Bee Card account to check your discount is activated.

  4. Remember to tag on and tag off the bus with your Bee Card to get the lowest fare available to you (including capped fares).

Ready to travel by bus? Find out more about travelling by bus with BUSIT.

If you have any questions about this discount, email

Frequently asked questions

Where does the bus stop at Wintec?
To travel to the Wintec City Campus, get off the bus at Hamilton Transport Centre. Wintec City Campus is a few minutes walk South on the corner of Ward and Anglesea Street. There are two bus routes that stop within a short walking distance to the Rotokauri Campus. Please check out the BUSIT website for more information.
1. The Orbiter route does a clockwise and anti-clockwise circle of the city and has a bus stop in Foreman Road.
2. The Nawton route (9) goes from and to the Hamilton Transport Centre and has a stop in Foreman Road.

What support is there for passengers with disabilities?
While there will be some people with a disability who are unable to use conventional scheduled public transport, a growing proportion of the BUSIT urban bus fleet have super-low floors which are more accessible. BUSIT also supports Total Mobility, a door-to-door national transport scheme.

Can I use cash on  BUSIT buses and get the discount?
You need a Bee Card to get the discount, but you can use cash for fares on BUSIT buses. 

I am under 18; should I be on a youth or Wintec concession? What’s the best deal?
Register your Bee Card with your birthdate as normal. Register it as a Wintec student or a Wintec staff member for the Wintec Bee Card concession to get the cheapest fare.

Can I get the government’s 50% public transport subsidy as well?
Yes, if you are set up to receive the Wintec 50% discount, you will automatically also get the government subsidy which is in place until 1 January 2023. This discount will bring your total discount to 75%.  

Student parking

With a diverse group of students, staff and visitors visiting our Hamilton campuses daily, parking at Wintec is in demand.

Please note, from 30 November 2022 until 1 March 2023 Wintec parking is free for students and all on-campus parking areas except reserved and mobility spaces are now available for staff and student parking. From 1 March 2023, there will be changes to parking charges, permit application processes, and available parking areas. Updated charges, permit information, and parking maps will be available in early 2023. 

Motorbike and scooter parking is free, but you must use the designated motorbike and scooter parking spaces.

Where​ to park

City Campus

Student parking is available in any non-reserved parking space on campus.

Scooters and motorbikes
Limited to outside Wintec Apartments via Gate 3 off Tristram Street and beside E Block through Gate 2 off Tristram Street (identified with MC on the ground). 

Bicycle racks can be found all around the campus, including beside the C Block Staff car park, outside Wintec apartments and on the east side of the Gallagher Hub.

There is also a secure bike cage on the ground floor of the multi-storey car park on Nisbet Street for staff and student use. Access is 24/7 on a semester-by-semester basis via ID card - please visit the Security office with your ID card to set this up. Wintec reserves the right to dispose of any abandoned bicycles. Please help us keep your bicycle secure by locking it and ensuring the gate is closed. 

Alternative off-site parking
96 Tristram Street (behind BP) – 31 Car parks available – this is for both staff and students and operates the same as our on-campus parking.

Wintec has an agreement with Wilson Parking on Alexandra Street for discounted parking. To receive the discounted rate of $4.00 per day, take your parking ticket to a validator unit located beside the Student help desk in the Hub or X Block, School of Media Arts.

Check out the Hamilton City Council parking page for other parking options in the city centre.

City Campus Parking Map
Click on the map to view a larger PDF version.

Rotokauri Campus​

Student (and staff) parking is available throughout the Rotokauri campus. These parks are sign-posted and indicated on the map below. Parking for bikes, scooters and motorcycles is available at no charge but these vehicles must be in their designated areas.

You can also park for free on Gilchrist Street and Akoranga Road – these are public roads managed by Hamilton City Council and parking will be enforced as per road markings, signs and bylaws.

Note: Car Park 3 off Gilchrist St is for visitors only and sign-posted accordingly. Students (and staff) are not permitted to park here and it is monitored by enforcement. 

Scooters and motorbikes
Outside the Fleet Compound/Car Park 1 for staff and students, and behind Q Block.   

Bicycle racks are located outside the Security Office and by L and Q blocks. 

Rotokauri Campus Parking Map
Click on the map to view a larger PDF version.

​​​​Hamilton Gardens Campus ​

Permits are not currently required at the Hamilton Gardens Campus although Wintec reserves the right to change this. View car park location here.

Parking rules and protocol​

The rules for student parking and the procedure for obtaining a parking permit are outlined in the Wintec Parking Management Policy. Please read the policy rules to avoid being fined, having your vehicle towed away or clamped at your expense.

Students can not park in areas marked ‘reserved', ‘courier’, ‘disability’, ‘Kaumātua’, ‘doctor’, ‘loading zone’, or any other reserved space. Students also can not park in areas marked ‘visitor' during business hours.

Please drive carefully and with consideration for others when parking. The speed limit is 20km/h at all times. Be on the lookout for pedestrians and keep noise levels (eg stereos, motors) to a minimum to avoid disturbing other students, staff and residents.

Frequently asked questions

What public transport options are there to get to the Rotokauri Campus?
There are two bus routes that stop by the Rotokauri Campus. Please check out the BUSIT website for more information.
1. The Orbiter route does a clockwise and anti-clockwise circle of the city and has a bus stop on Foreman road.
2. The Nawton route (9) goes from and to the city transport centre and has a stop in Foreman road.

Are electronic tickets transferable between the Rotokauri and City campuses?
Yes, as long as the electronic ticket is valid and you have a student parking permit.

Campus Security

Security staff are available at the City Campus 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and Rotokauri Campus, from 6am to 10pm Monday to Friday. Security Patrols take place through the night, weekends and public holidays. The contact details below may be used to contact security in an emergency.

Security can help with:

  • unusual and suspicious behaviour,
  • hazards around campuses,
  • lost property,
  • problems with students or staff,
  • escorting you to your vehicle in the evening,
  • organising Staff ID cards.
  • Enrolment services organise student ID cards.
  • If you need help and are unsure who to ask, we'll point you in the right direction.

In emergencies, call 111 immediately. 

Once emergency services have been notified, please contact Wintec Security on the campus contact numbers below. Emergency telephones are mounted in two locations on the City Campus:

  1. On the steps between A and B Blocks
  2. Level 1 entrance to the multi-storey car park on Nisbet Street​

City Campus Security: 0800 852 900 or ext. 9000 (24 hours a day)

Rotokauri Campus Security: 027 477 9985 or ext. 4041 (6am-10pm, Monday-Friday)

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