APA Referencing and Copyright

APA Referencing

Referencing is a standard way to acknowledge where information has come from. It indicates to your tutors that you have carried out research while avoiding plagiarism (using other peoples work and ideas as if they were your own).

Wintec Library reference guide: 

The Online Wintec APA Referencing Guide. This guide is the complete APA guide and is viewable on all devices. If you want to have your own print out, print out the pdf version below.

Additional guides for specialised areas:

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Referencing guides from other Tertiary Institutions:

Here are some other places you may find referencing help. Please note that these may differ from the Wintec APA guide, which is the Wintec standard.

Reference managers and generators:


Copyright law, licences and agreements determine how you can use and copy material from any resource. This will impact on what you can, and can't use within tutorials and assignments.

Wintec staff can find further information in the Staff Intranet by searching for copyright

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