Guest Tickets

Graduands do not need tickets to attend the graduation ceremony, but each guest requires a ticket to gain entry. Each graduand is entitled to four guest tickets to the ceremony at which they are graduating. This includes those graduating at Te Kōpū Mānia Mārae.

We may be able to provide additional tickets to some ceremonies. Ticket numbers are, however, limited and any additional tickets available will be allocated on a first come first served basis.


Children and babies are welcome to attend the ceremony, however, please note the ceremonies, by their formal nature and length, are not tailored for small children and babies. Children and babies are not allowed to be carried by graduands when receiving their certificate. Children who require their own seat also require a guest ticket (not applicable at the Te Kōpū Mānia Marae). Special meals or facilities for children and babies are not available. Please be prepared for this on the day.

ALL guests must arrive at least 20 minutes before the ceremony begins. Guests arriving after this time may be denied entry.