Safety and Wellbeing

At Wintec we work with our staff and student community to ensure we have a safe and healthy campus environment and promote a proactive safety culture.

It is important that we comply with occupational health and safety laws, promote wellbeing, provide health and safety training and information, prevent accidents and have emergency procedures. We have specialist health and safety staff who represent employees and students, and who carry out reviews and audits on how we are doing in health and safety management.


To help ensure our campus is safe we are gradually identifying and managing all known hazards. A workplace hazard, if not controlled, is something in the work environment that can cause injury or harm to individuals who have exposure or contact with the hazard.


Reporting Accidents

It’s important to register/notify Wintec of any work/study accident or serious harm to a student or other person on a Wintec campus. Please request assistance from any staff member to report an accident. Report accidents via Vault here.


In case of emergencies contact:

  • Emergency Services on 111
  • Wayne Elliott, Facilities Manager on extension 8831
  • Perry Murray, Security Team Leader on extension 9000.

Emergency Management and Procedures

Emergency Management Procedure​.

Fire Evacuation Procedures.

First Aid Management

Contact Security on extension 9000 or the Health, Counselling and Wellbeing Centre on extension 8869.


Katria Raffan, OSH Manager, provides Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) advice, support, training and reviews for all areas of work or study. This includes, hazard management, work accident prevention, ACC claims and rehabilitation programmes, emergency procedures and contractor management. For more information on any of these policies please contact Katria at: