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In 1989, the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) was established to co-ordinate national qualifications.

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Students accumulate NZQA units towards National Certificates and Diplomas. Wintec offers a large range of programmes, some of which contain NZQA units.

Record of Achievement are sent out on request by NZQA or you may view your Record of Achievement online through the NZQA website.

When you complete the NZQA requirements for a National Certificate or Diploma and wish to receive the award document, you must pay a separate fee to NZQA.


The fee is payable either directly to NZQA or to Wintec via the Cashier, Student Enrolment and Information Centre, A Block, City Campus.


  • Check with the Student Enrolment and Information Centre about the NZQA requirements for your programme

For further NZQA queries, contact the Student Enrolment and Information Centre or NZQA directly by phone: 04 802 300, fax 04 802 3113 or by email or