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Domestic students

It’s easy to apply, once you’ve decided what you want to study just follow the steps below. If you are still not sure what you want to do, try our Future You tool or check out our prospectus for more options.

If you need help at any time with your application, you can call us on 0800 2 WINTEC or email us at

Step 1 - Start here

Apply online or download and complete an application to enrol form.

Step 2 - Apply/login

Apply: If you are new to Wintec, you will need to create a Wintec account and a student login. It is quick and easy to do - all you need is an email address. Apply here. If you have your driver's licence and your passport available when you apply, we can verify your identity and residence status online.

Login: If you are a past student and you have studied at Wintec before – including STAR, Waikato Trades Academy, Professional Programmes, or a short course – we will already have your details “Click the ‘'Login Here’ button.

If you are a returning student, complete a returning student form. Returning student forms can be completed if you meet the following criteria: 

  • Current Wintec students who want to enrol into the next year or semester of their programme.
  • Students who have enrolled at Wintec within the last 5 years who want to apply for a new programme of study.

Can not remember your login details? No problem, if you know the mobile number or the email address you used when you were studying, you can use the Wintec access portal.

If you have any issues, contact the student helpdesk on 0800 587 500.

Step 3 - Select a programme

Search and select the programme you want to apply for.   You will be asked select which location you intend to study from out of the available options, study method, which year you intend on starting and the start date of the programme, for example February or July.

Step 4 - Complete your details

There is some standard information we need you to provide, this is broken down into four sections - personal details, contact details, education details, and general details. This should be pretty straight forward to complete, but you can always contact us if you need help.

Personal details – this information should already be populated from when you created your Wintec account and student login, but you can update it if anything has changed.

Contact details – this is your postal address, email address and phone number so we can contact you, as well as the details of a contact person in case of an emergency.

Education details – in this section, we ask for details about your secondary and tertiary education. This information will help our team assess your application. If you have a National Student Number (NSN), please include the number in this section and we will be able to access your NCEA Record of Learning ourselves. If you have additional documentation that you would like to submit to support your application, you can upload these in the online portal or email it to us at

General details – this section includes questions we are required to ask by the Ministry of Education.

Step 5 - Supporting documents

If you have them available you can upload your supporting documents at this point – you can check the programme pages to find out what is needed, if anything, for your chosen programme of study. More information about supporting documents is also available here.

Remember, you can supply your supporting documents later, it is more important to complete your application. We will let you know what else we need.

Step 6 - Submit your application

The final step in the process is to submit your application. Read through the declarations and if you are applying online click the 'SUBMIT' button. You should receive a confirmation by email that we have received it.

If you have downloaded and completed a paper copy of the application to enrol, you can post this to:

Student Enrolment and Information Centre
Private Bag 3036
Freepost 566
Hamilton 3240

You can also bring your documents into the Student Enrolment and Information Centre at one of our campuses. You can find our opening times here. We will email you to confirm we have received it.

Step 7 - Outcome

Once you have submitted your application, we will complete an online assessment automatically. We will display on the screen if we need more information from you. If you have supplied all the required information and you meet all the conditions of entry, we will make you an instant offer. If we need more information from you to assess your application, we will tell you what is required, how you can provide the information, and what the next steps are.

You can expect to hear from us within a couple of days if there is anything else we need. We will contact you by email, so please remember to check your emails.

To see any correspondence we send you, you can log in to your account on our portal student@wintec – your login details are included in the emails we send you.

We have also created some detailed instructions here on how to log in and find your way around the site as there is lots of useful information on it. If you need help, you can always call us on 0800 2 Wintec (0800 2 946832).

If we are assessing your application manually, we will contact you to let you know the outcome; sometimes this can take a bit longer as we may ask you to come in and meet with one of our academic staff. We will make sure we keep you updated.

Once you have accepted your offer, or you have met the conditions of a conditional offer, and we can enrol you into modules (this usually happens in October for the following year), we will send you an invoice showing your fees and the modules you are enrolled in.

Step 8 - Accepting your offer

If we are able to automatically assess your application, we will make you an instant offer. You can choose to accept this straight away or log back in later to accept this. Your enrolment offer is valid for 10 days from the date it is issued, so it is important to accept this as quickly as possible. If we do not hear from you, we may have to offer your place to another student.

If you have completed a paper copy application, after we assess your application you will receive an email from us with an Offer of Place attached.  You could either reply to this email stating you accept your place or simply reply to one of our texts that we will send you.  

If you need help, you can always call us on 0800 2 Wintec (0800 2 946 832).

Step 9 - Paying for your study

Once you have accepted your offer, we will send you an invoice - you can also view this online by logging into your student account.  All you need is your username and password that you used when you first applied.  

The invoice sets out the tuition fees for your programme. You can check the balance at any time through student@wintec by clicking on the 'Online Finance' tab and selecting 'Transaction View'.

You should be aware that some programmes have extra costs that are not included in the tuition fees. This may include a fee for items like lab coats, specialist equipment, software licenses etc.

You will need to arrange payment of your fees; Payment methods include the following:

  • Direct credit: You can pay by direct credit to the Wintec bank account. Account Number: 03-0826-0169216-00, Code: <use your Student ID>, and Reference: <use your Invoice Number>.
  • In-Person: Bring your payment slip attached to your Tax Invoice to the Student Enrolment and Information Centre at the City Campus, or to our Rotokauri Campus, Student Hub. Payment can be made by cheque, EFTPOS or credit card. Please note we no longer accept cash payments.
  • Student Loan: Compulsory course fees are paid directly to Wintec.
  • Mail: Payment can be made by cheque or credit card. Please do not send cash. Complete the details on the reverse side of the payment slip on your Tax Invoice and return it with payment to:
    Freepost 566
    Wintec Finance Department
    Private Bag 3036
    New Zealand

If you are arranging for StudyLink to pay your fees, you need to apply at least 21 days before your course starts to ensure your payment is made in time, although it is better to apply earlier. You can apply for your loan before you apply but you need to be fully enrolled before Study Link process any payments on your behalf. Applications can be submitted at

If a third party (organisation/company) is paying for your studies, please remember to complete the form located here.

Many of our programmes are fees-free, and we also have a range of scholarships that you may be eligible for. You can also check out our financial help page for more advice.

Step 10 - Get prepared

Now is a good time to get everything sorted for your first day of study at Wintec. Check out our student resources and welcome pages; this includes everything you need to know, including parking, accessing your timetable, and getting an ID card.

We look forward to seeing you on campus soon.

International students

You can choose to apply to study through an agent, or you can apply yourself using the process found here

If you need help at any time with your application, you can call us on +64 07 838 6399 or email us at

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