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Funding your study

There are several ways you can fund your study. Check out the information below on fees-free options, student loan and allowances, scholarships, and the Wintec Hardship Grant Application for students who are struggling financially. You will also find some useful resources for managing your money.

Student loans, allowances, and other benefits can be provided to you by StudyLink. This can include funding for compulsory course costs, financial assistance for course-related fees and day-to-day living costs. Click for more information and how to apply.


Wintec Hardship Grant Application

If you are a current student and are experiencing unexpected financial hardship impacting your study, you can apply for a hardship grant by filling out the application form here. You will need to provide information about your situation, living and financial details, nature of your hardship and what you need.


Fees-free options

Find information on fees-free study you could be eligible for under the Government’s tertiary education policy.



Wintec has many scholarships available for prospective and current students. You can find more about our range of scholarships here.


Managing your money

As a student, managing your money is important. There is a lot to keep track of and keeping a budget is a good way to plan and prioritise your spending. You can find free advice on budgeting at MoneyTalks. You can even start a budget plan using this handy budgeting tool.

Fee-related resources

Table of fees - fees relating to enrolment, transfer of credit, withdrawals, results and awards.

Student levies - Wintec provides a range of support and services to you during your study. Wintec student levies are specifically allocated to provide health services and on-going personal support to help you during your study.

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