Photo: Awhina Kerr , Media Arts Graduate

Te Kete Kōnae

Photo credit: Media Arts Graduate Awhina Kerr

"Mā te mātauranga, te rangahau, me te whai mahi e ora ai te iwi". 

Te Kete Kōnae (TKK) utilises the best practices (Māori and Pasifika) to engage with students and staff on their journey of learning at Wintec.  Typically, this focuses not only on the mental (academic) aspects, but also acknowledges the physical, spiritual and whānau dynamics of the student or staff member.

This unique approach provides them with a more holistic spectrum of supports that can aid their journey of learning towards successful completion.

Holistic supports

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Staff Contacts:Names:Extension:
Māori Achievement ManagerKingi Kiriona7850
Te Kete Kōnae ManagerKate Wynyard8228
Pasifika Student AdvisorWyllie Charlie3759
Māori Learning AdvisorTania Oxenham8815
Māori CounsellorMaria Ranga8869
KaiāwhinaRenee Evans3146

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