Student Pa​​rking

With a diverse group of students, staff and visitors visiting the city and Rotokauri campuses daily, parking at Wintec is in demand. You need a student parking permit t​o park your car at either campus. Motorbike and scooter parking is free and a parking permit is not required.

Parking permits and charges

​A student parking permit allows you to 'hunt' for a park in the student car parks, but it does not guarantee you a place.

Both a parking permit and a 'pay & display' ticket must be displayed when using the student car parks. You can get your free student parking permit from the Student Enrolment and Information Centre at the city or Rotokauri campus. Tickets can be purchased from payment machines located in the car parks. 

Parking costs 0.50c per hour, capped at $4.00 per day, between 8.00am and 4.00pm weekdays. On weekends, public holidays and from 4.00pm to 8.00am weekdays, parking is free and students can also park in staff areas. 

All mobility park users on the city campus must display a Wintec mobility permit. To apply for a mobility permit, please contact Student Learning Services.

How to apply for a student parking permit

Follow the instructions below to get a permit. Or, you can visit the Student Enrolment and Information Centre at the city or Rotokauri campus to get this sorted.


Where​ to park?​


City Ca​mpus

There are two student car parks by the city campus. The larger car park is located on the corner of Tristram and Collingwood Streets (entrance off Collingwood Street) and the other is a smaller car park located on Ward Street.

Scooter and motorbike parking is available outside Wintec Apartments via Gate 3 off Tristram Street, or on the ground floor of the multi-storey car park on Nisbet Street.

Bicycle racks are available at various city campus locations including beside the C Block car park, outside Wintec Apartments and on the east side of the Gallagher Hub. There is also a secure bike cage on the ground floor of the multi-storey car park on Nisbet Street. Access is 24 / 7 on a semester by semester basis through your ID card so you'll need to visit the Security office with your card to set this up. Any bikes left in the cage after the end of each semester will be disposed of. Please help us keep your bicycle secure by locking it and ensuring you shut the gate. ​​

Students can park off-site at the Wilson car park on Alexandra St between 6am and 10pm, Monday to Friday. The charge is a flat rate of $4.00 for up to 12 hours. You must validate the ticket you get from the Wilson car park at either X Block at 52 Alexandra Street or the Gallagher Hub to qualify for the discount. Then take the validated ticket to the auto pay machines and pay the fee before you exit.​​​

Students can also park off-site at the Care Park Knox St car park (entrance off Hood Street) at a flat rate of $2.50 for 12 hours. You need to contact Care Park on 0800 CARE PARK to get a validation pass for the student rate.

Check out the Hamilton City Council parking page​ for other parking options in the city centre.

Discounted parking is also available via the Parkmate app. It’s free to download and applies to the Wilson car parks at 94 Bryce St (opposite K Mart) and the 308 Barton Street rooftop car park. Parking costs $5 to park for 12 hours and it’s valid at any time during the day. Students and staff must obtain and show a car window pass for EITHER the Barton St or Bryce St car parks for the offer to be valid. Passes are available from the city campus Security Office Find out more about Parkmate here. In addition, Kmart offers all day parking at $6 per day (normally $8) if you show your Wintec ID at the Ticket Office.

Rotokauri Campus​

There are two student car parks on the Rotokauri Campus. Car Park 1 can be accessed off the Gilchrist Street/Akoranga Road roundabout and Car Park 2 can be accessed off the campus ring road. 

​Scooter and motorbike parking is available in Car Park 1 of the new Student and Staff car parks.

Bicycle parking is available outside the Security office in M Block or by L and Q blocks.​ ​​

You can also park for free on Gilchrist Street and Akoranga Road – these are public roads managed by Hamilton City Council​ and parking will be enforced as per road markings, signs and bylaws. 

​​​​Hamilton Gardens Campus ​

Pe​​rmits are not required at the Hamilton Gardens Campus. See the map for car park locations​.​​

Parking rules and protocol​

The rules for student parking are outlined in Wintec’s Parking Policy and Procedures. Please read these so you know the rules and avoid being fined, or your vehicle being towed away or clamped at your expense. ​ 

Students may not park in areas marked ‘reserved, ‘courier’, ‘disability’, ‘Kaumātua’, ‘doctor’, ‘loading zone’ or any other reserved space. Students may not park in areas marked ‘visitor’ between 8.00am and 4.00pm weekdays​

Please drive carefully and with consideration for others when parking. Be on the lookout for pedestrians and keep noise levels (e.g. stereos, motors etc.) to a minimum to avoid disturbing other students, staff and residents. Please ensure vehicles are locked and valuables are removed from sight as unfortunately thefts do occur from time to time.

Frequently Asked Questions​​

​​Can I get a permit for my other car?

Some students may require an additional permit for a second vehicle. A fee of $5.00 will be charged for additional permits. If you have more than one permitted vehicle, you can only park one of these vehicles on the campus at any one time.​

What do I do if I lose my permit?

A fee of $5.00 will be charged for a replacement permit, however it will be replaced for free if you can provide evidence that your permit was lost or stolen. ​

What public transport options are there to get to the Rotokauri campus?

There are two bus routes that stop by the Rotokauri campus. Please check out​ for more information.

  1. The Orbiter route does a clockwise and anti-clockwise circle of the city and has a bus stop in Foreman road.
  2. The Nawton route (9) goes from and to the city transport centre and has a stop in Foreman road.

Are pay & display tickets transferable between the Rotokauri and city campus?

Yes, as long as the pay & display ticket is still valid and you have a student parking permit.

Disclaimer: By applying for a student parking permit, the driver agrees to abide by the Wintec parking policy and accepts that driver’s park at their own risk. Wintec acce​pts no responsibility for fire, theft, damage or loss to vehicles or their contents. ​ 

The rules for student parking are outlined in Wintec’s Parking Policy​ and Procedures. Please read these so you know the rules and avoid being fined, or your vehicle being towed away or clamped at your expense.