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He hapori rapu i te taumata o te mātauranga, me te rangahau. A community of inter-professional learning and research.

If you are committed to improving people’s lives and a vocation where you can make a difference, the opportunities offered by the Centre for Health and Social Practice are endless. As part of this centre, you will be part of a community that is dedicated to social care, health, well-being and protection.

The programmes we offer lead to hands-on careers and our teaching reflects this. You will have access to real-world simulated learning and the latest technology, with opportunities for interprofessional education to learn from other professions and improve all-round care. Our experienced and registered tutors genuinely care about your success and will guide you on your way.

We know the needs of our stakeholders are always changing, so we deliver fit-for-purpose programmes that are responsive to changes in the health and social practice sectors. We value inclusion, diversity, and the achievement of potential in all of our staff and students. We are committed to social justice, and our treaty partnership between Tangata Whenua and Tauiwi underpins everything we do.

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Now is the time to turn your passion for people into a career.

In the world of health and social practice you will be challenged, inspired, and rewarded – sometimes all at once. We will give you the skills and knowledge to change the world. Be the graduate everyone is looking for.


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Postgraduate nursing

Health and social practice pathway diagram

Postgraduate nursing

Postgraduate nursing pathway diagram
Please check the entry criteria for each programme to see which course is the best level for you to begin with. The entry criteria information can be found on each of the programme pages here online. You can also contact us directly to discuss the appropriate level for you at

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Postgraduate and master's for health and social practice

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The Centre for Health and Social Practice facilities are designed for students to get the most out of their learning. The latest technology is made available to put theoretical knowledge into practice. Students can expect environments such as a simulated ward with computerised patient models who assume real health issues. We value diversity and inclusion; facilities are designed to encourage interprofessional learning between health and social care, with opportunities for interaction between staff and students.

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The Centre for Health and Social Practice maintains close relationships with the industry and professional bodies that graduates register with. Our staff are experienced in their fields and are continuously active in health and social practice research. Our students are taught with a focus on the practical elements of healthcare and are encouraged to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world learning environments. Each year students will gain credit for undertaking placements, internships, or volunteer work in their field. 


Our teaching approach is focused on the practical side of learning and we understand the benefits of real-world work environments for our students’ learning. Students in the Centre for Health and Social Practice spend time across their programmes in work placements for credit. The amount of time spent on placement varies according to qualification and year; first year students will spend approximately a quarter of the year doing work placement while third year students will spend most of their time on placement.


Wintec Health Services now home to two registered nurse prescribers

Jo Brown RNPCH (left) and Kaylene Henderson RN prescriber (right) are both prescribing nurses, a first for Wintec Health Services

Jo Brown (left) and Kaylene Henderson (right) are both qualified nurse prescribers, a first for Wintec Health Services.

Wintec Health Services in Hamilton is now home to two nurse prescribers, as nurse Jo Brown has recently become a designated registered nurse prescriber in community health (designated RNPCH).

Brown was in the first cohort of nurses to gain the new qualification under the Midland Collaborative designated RNPCH recertification programme. Wintec Health is part of Pinnacle, and Brown is the seventh Pinnacle nurse and first Waikato Pinnacle nurse to achieve this qualification.

The one-year recertification programme is open to all registered nurses working in community settings, and it provides them with education and training to manage care for ‘normally healthy people’ who might be presenting with symptoms for common infections and other minor ailments.

The new course is surging in popularity, with Brown stating there were around 60 in her cohort, and the recently completed second intake. Another two nurses at Wintec Health Services will begin their recertification in the third intake commencing in August.

“It’s become quite popular and soon, more nurses working in primary health care will have this recertification,” says Brown.

“It’s a way for nurses to stay current and to future-proof their careers and has great benefits for our healthcare systems. It’s supporting nurses to work to the top of their scope of practice.”

As a nurse-led practice, Wintec Health Services nurses triage all patients, provide comprehensive health assessments and often provide medicines under ‘standing orders’, meaning that they can give treatment to patients, but this must be signed off by a doctor.

Nurse prescribers however don’t need to have sign-off from doctors when writing scripts within their scope, taking personal responsibility for their recommendations.

Nurse prescribing is a positive move towards enhanced healthcare with an emphasis on equity, accessibility and health literacy. It reduces financial stress, improves patient/practitioner relationships amongst a raft of other benefits.

“It’s a big shift,” says Brown.

Brown joins Kaylene Henderson as the second prescribing nurse at Wintec Health.

Henderson mentored Brown throughout her course, providing guidance and support from her own experience. She holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Registered Nurse (RN) prescribing, and has a wider scope of prescribing abilities, able to prescribe for common illness, as well as other long-term conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, anxiety and depression.

“She got the ball rolling as a nurse prescriber, and her enthusiasm just flowed onto me,” says Brown.

Both nurses are grateful for the support that Wintec provided to enable them to achieve their qualifications as nurse prescribers.

“We couldn’t have done this without our peer support, especially Jo Spence, the Health Services Manager, who has enabled us to pursue our passion in this field,” says Henderson.

Working in collaboration with the doctors at Wintec Health is something that the nurses are proud of, and their doctor colleagues reflect this enthusiasm.

Dr Ruth Knowles, who joined Wintec Health Services earlier this year, says, “I feel privileged to be working as part of such a caring and professional healthcare team. I have been very impressed with the ability and competence of the nursing team who give compassionate, good, quality care to students and staff who attend the clinic.”

“Kaylene and Jo provide a valuable service, being able to provide a high standard of care when prescription medications are required. I’m impressed with the excellent service they provide,” she adds.

Operating out of two clinics – at Wintec’s City and Rotokauri campuses – Wintec Health Services not only offer health care and advice, but they actively provide health and wellbeing education on campus, pastoral care, and counselling services.

“We all believe in a holistic model of health care that supports patients with meeting their individual health care needs in a unique way,” says Henderson.

“We’re both really passionate about pastoral care and supporting our patients to self-manage through living healthy lifestyles.”

About Wintec Health Services

Wintec has a long-established Health Services business unit of 20 plus years, operating five days a week for Wintec students and staff, across both its City and Rotokauri campuses. Winte Health Services is a College of GPs Foundation Standards accredited PHO practice.

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