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  • Blink - don’t miss it

    Hidden away in a former dairy factory in Matangi, a group of passionate film-makers, are working on Blink, a short film by writer-director Paige Larianova and producer Chris Williams. They are part of Hamilton’s vibrant film community and many of the crew, including the producer and director are Wintec staff, alumni and students.

  • Connections made at local Hamilton gallery, Weasel

    The group exhibition No Holiday at Weasel Gallery pushes the boundaries of traditional painting. The three artists; Chelsea Pascoe, Nicholas Megchelse and Rachel Hope Peary are all past and present students of Wintec’s School of Media Arts.

  • Midwifery in the spotlight

    Midwifery is in the spotlight at the moment with a campaign demanding pay equity for midwives coinciding with International Midwives Day tomorrow (Saturday 5 May).

  • Dr Hare Puke Māori Leadership Scholarship awarded

    This year Wintec’s prestigious Dr Hare Puke Māori Leadership Scholarship has been awarded to not one, but two worthy recipients - Wintec staff members Maria Ranga and Allanah Ashwell.

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