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Wintec Alumni Circle

The Wintec Alumni Circle is the network for Wintec graduates

No matter when you graduated, the Wintec Alumni Circle is here for you. Wintec has been around since 1924. We were first known as Hamilton Technical College and in the 1990s as Waikato Polytechnic. Read about our history 90 years of history here and in 'The Wintec Journey'

The Wintec Alumni Circle provides support to graduates with professional networking, career advice and development, promotion of graduate successes, and discounts for products and services. ​

If you completed study at Wintec, then you’re already a Wintec Alumni Circle member. 

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Wintec Circle Benefits

You'll benefit from being part of the Wintec community long after your graduation ceremony.

The Wintec Alumni Circle is not just for staying in touch with fellow alumni, but a way for you to get all the help you need to develop the career you dream of.

Update your details with us and get access to a range of exclusive benefits such as professional networking and mentoring.

Career Advice and Development

You've got the skills and the piece of paper to prove it, and now it's time to make the big leap. The Circle can help you kick-start your career to get you where you want to go faster.

Professional Connections

So many great opportunities and learning experiences come from your professional network. The Circle can put you in contact with the people who have the connections and the know-how to help you achieve your goals.

Industry Partnerships

Work with the Circle to help build a stronger industry for the future. Here's your chance to give something back to your Wintec community, and its present and future students.

Support and celebrate

Let us shout your success from the rooftops! Get in touch with us and tell us your story.


We're able to offer discounts on goods and services to alumni - check them out here.

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