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Our values and goals

The Wintec strategic goals describe the opportunities and challenges ahead. These goals underpin the planning process and guide the organisation’s direction and decision-making.

Our graduates are highly sought after by employers
Our aim is to ensure our students are successful because they learn industry-relevant skills in innovative ways, in educational settings that reflect ‘the real world’.

We help build the economy and strengthen communities
Providers to improve the economic and social wellbeing of our region.

Wintec is a leader in international education, onshore and offshore
Our aim is to develop our expertise in export education and our local and global alliances to enable us to deliver internationally-relevant, quality education services wherever they are needed in the world. This includes extending our capability beyond the delivery of international quality-assured programmes in New Zealand and abroad, to the successful management of major off-shore consultancy and joint venture activities.

We are a modern organisation
Our aim is to be recognised as a financially well-performing, modern organisation, which delivers financial, social and environmental benefits for our customers and the wider communities.

Our research and commercialisation deliver real-world solutions
Our aim is to ensure that our research and commercialisation activity drives productivity in our region. Our strong reputation for providing practical solutions to industry-identified problems, for leading knowledge and technology transfer between ourselves and industry, and our high-quality research facilities, enable us to attract commercial and industry partners. Our applied research strengthens our reputation for quality, research-informed vocational teaching.

Access the Wintec Annual Report, Strategic Plan and more on the Publications page.

Our values

Working together - Mahi tahi

We work collaboratively within and outside our organisation. We form partnerships, openly communicate, share expertise and try new things.

Challenge and Innovation - Whakaaro whānui

We are leaders, so we challenge ourselves and others to look for ways to do things better and to embrace innovation and achievement.

Customer Focus - Manaaki tangata

Students and employers are our customers, along with colleagues in the organisation. We drive our organisation from their needs, and act with purpose, creativity and energy to exceed their expectations.

Valuing People - Whakamana i te tangata

We treat everyone with courtesy and respect, without prejudice and valuing different perspectives. We involve and listen to others, and recognise them for their contribution; always acting with integrity.

Taking Ownership - Kia tika

We are all responsible for the overall success of our organisation, and are accountable for our actions and results. We make quality decisions based on sound information and we learn from our mistakes in a 'no blame' culture.

Improvement and Opportunity - Kia tupu, kia hua

We are committed to setting high standards and continually improving what we do. We are passionate about extending opportunities to students, employers and the wider community.

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