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Kia ora, Kia orāna, Tālofa, Mālo e lelei, Nisa bula vinaka, Mauri, Mālo ni, Fakalofa lahi atu, Fakatalofa atu, Aloha, Halo, Alii, Ekamowir omo, Noa’ia e mauri, and Moana greetings from the 1200 languages from our Pacific region.

As Pacific relatives, we honour and acknowledge Te Tiriti O Waitangi, and the Mana whenua Ngati Haua, Ngati Wairere, Ngati Mahanga, Ngati Koroki kahukura. Our vision is that Pacific cultures are woven into the fabric of Wintec. Our mission is to inspire Pacific excellence at Wintec.  

We want our Pacific students/ākonga to feel that Wintec is a home for them, where their individual identities are welcomed and celebrated, and their learning journey is supported. 

Through honouring the cultural traditions, ceremonies, and practices of the different islands that make up the Moana, we embrace every aspect of our students/ākonga journey which includes their families and communities who help shape and inform their successes.

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Meet our Pacific team


Rose Marsters

Rose is a proud Cook Islands woman. Currently, our Strategic Pacific Director at Wintec Te Pukenga, her superpower is her contagious laugh.
Contact Rose at


Melisa Fotu

Melisa is proud to be of Cook Islands and Tonga heritage. Currently holding our Community and Partnership portfolio under the Pacific strategy, she is one of our Kaiarahi Pacific team members. Contact Melisa at


Maluseu Monise 
Maluseu is proud to be of Rotuman and Tuvaluan heritage. Currently holding the Capabilities and Learner Success portfolio under the Pacific strategy, Maluseu is a Hanujuologist and a Hanisi practitioner. Contact Maluseu at


Leni Lolohea 
Leni is proud to be of Tongan, Uvea, and Samoan heritage. Currently holding the Transition and Research Development portfolio under the Pacific strategy, he is one of our Kaiarahi Pacific team members. Contact Leni at
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Wansolwara – Pacific Staff Reference Group

The Wansolwara Pacific Staff Reference Group are staff members who, alongside our team, are responsible for helping develop and deliver Pacific initiatives that promote the sustainability of all our Pacific students/ākonga, families, and community. The group members come from various areas of Wintec and play an important role in consultation and decision-making, bringing their individual strengths, cultures, and knowledge to help the Pacific strategy come to life.

Lumitugetha Pacific Student Leadership Group

 The Lumitugetha Pacific Student Leadership Group meets with our Strategic Pacific Director monthly to share voice, receive updates, and check in on matters concerning Wintec, internally or externally. The Lumitugetha Pacific Student Leadership Group was founded through the voice of our students/ākonga identifying in a fono that they wanted their voices heard and considered in decision-making. Lumitugetha is vital and plays an essential role in consultation and advisory to our team. Their leadership roles enable incoming Pacific students/ākonga to strive and be in a similar position throughout their own study journey.

Manu Moana – Pacific Stakeholders

The Manu Moana Pacific Stakeholders meet once every quarter to discuss important issues that help shape the future of our Pacific students/ākonga, team, and the more comprehensive Wintec staff network. In this collective, memberships range from leaders in our sector, region, and nationally. Their voices can be heard in the corridors of the health sector, social services, housing sector, education, corrections, and more. The Manu Moana collective play a vital role in the consultation and decision-making of our Pacific team. 
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Support and how to contact us

There is lots of support available at Wintec to help with study support, personal matters, and much more. Check out the Student Resources page for more details on the different services we offer to help you with your learning journey. 

Wintec joined​​ a group of Iwi and Pacific community groups, employers, and ITOs to develop the Māori and Pasifika Trades Training initiative that brings together the best support, experience, and learning — for free. For information on our Māori and Pasifika Trades Training (MPTT), click here

You can also like and follow our Wintec Māori and Pasifika Facebook page, where we share our Māori and Pacific news stories and information about Wintec and community events.

If you would like to contact us, please get in touch with our Strategic Pacific Director Rose Marsters.

Pacific Learning Hub

Through our annual fono, our Pacific students/ākonga voiced a need for a space where they can “be and let be”.
The Pacific Learning Hub offers our Pacific ākonga (students) further academic and wellbeing support. Wellbeing checks and inspiration flow during the first half hour. Followed by an hour of self-directed studies (doing the do), working on assignments, and asking any questions.

Are you a Pacific ākonga (student) at Wintec? Join us and find out how we can support you on your journey.

Date: Running every Wednesday
Time: 7:30pm-9pm
Venues: The Hub, City Campus or email us to join online

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