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Delivering relevant, accessible, innovative research that transforms lives, adds to knowledge, and builds communities.

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Research & Innovation Services

Developing real-world solutions for real-world problems

From the regeneration of rural areas, building next generation farming or better communities for the elderly, we develop solutions that make a difference. We work with clients regionally, nationally and globally to develop research outcomes that are rigorous and impactful. 

Our comprehensive prototype and product development facilities mean we're fully equipped to undertake work which calls for a product to be developed for cities, the great outdoors or in homes. We specialise in using transdisciplinary approaches to solving complex social problems. We use software, hardware, business and combined technologies. Our team develops and tests smart technology solutions to social and industrial challenges.

We help our customers develop new products or new research in the areas of farming, remote healthcare, rural development, youth engagement, smart ageing and more. We use the latest technologies available in our facilities (3D printing, human performance analysis, sensor networks), our research team and our global and national partners to help our clients understand the opportunities in developing innovative initiatives.

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Research and Innovation Services
Research and Innovation Services

We specialise in using transdisciplinary approaches to solve complex problems. See how we can help your business/organisation.

Customers and Clients
Customers and Clients

View a list of past customers and clients who have benefited from the Centre's Research and Innovation Services.

Global and Local Partners
Global and Local Partners

A map of our global and local partners including institutions and organisations who we have built research relationships with.

Educational Programmes

Are you hungry for an opportunity to make a significant difference in your industry?

In an ideal world, wouldn't it be great if you could come up with practical solutions and get a qualification at the same time? We can't see why not.

Whether you already have a research project in mind from your current employer or have an area that you'd like to explore and research that we may match with a current employer, this course is for you.

The Centre currently offers two transdisciplinary research programmes - a Postgraduate Certificate and a Masters qualification in Applied Innovation.

Postgraduate study has never looked this good.

Available courses:

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The Centre for Research and Applied Innovation was developed in response to the need for a transdisciplinary approach to research. This approach focusses on problem solving by taking into account academic knowledge across different fields, industry expertise, business context and cultural and social considerations. Within our Centre, our research staff works with customers to develop research solutions and new products. Alongside this, two postgraduate programmes are delivered by the centre, the Postgraduate Certificate in Innovation and the Master of Applied Innovation.