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Creativity and innovation are core pillars of success in any industry, and the demand for employees with creative skill-sets is high within the workforce.

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The Wintec School of Media Arts provides innovative, interdisciplinary education that prepares students for careers in creative industries.

Our programmes are all about creativity. We inspire students to problem solve from day one; connecting with industry specialists and mentors, and tailoring learning through real-life projects. We work alongside students to challenge them to be as creative as they can be while reaching their goals.

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Portfolio entry

A portfolio allows you to demonstrate your skills and abilities and gives you an opportunity to express your individuality and creativity. For the following programmes, you may need to supply a portfolio:

Do I need to submit a portfolio?

If you have not done NCEA credits in arts or visual design, do not meet the entry criteria, or you're applying as a mature student, you may need to submit a portfolio, and you'll be advised of this when you apply.

What does my portfolio need to contain?

Your portfolio should be a selection of work that forms a cohesive series. As a guide, your portfolio should contain up to six photos of art or design work.

There is no correct way to put together a portfolio. Below is an example to help guide you.
This portfolio is successful in showing the range of art and design capabilities this student has, working across photography, graphic design, painting and sculpture. The applicant's working processes and the ability to develop ideas is shown, along with finished works. For example, the typographic explorations on pages 7 and 8 are then developed and applied in the posters on the following pages. Initial developments for these posters are shown, along with the two finals.

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We are happy to help, please send us an email and we will be in touch.

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Secondary Schools

Are you from the secondary school sector? Find out what you and your students can experience at Media Arts.

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Internships and projects

Do you need an intern or have a work opportunity or project? Our students have a variety of skills and expertise which could help you.

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The Waikato Independent

The Waikato Independent is an online student project which aims to cover newsworthy events through Waikato and beyond.

Interior design studio
Ramp Journal

Here at this blog, you will find stories to inspire and resources to inform. Topics about music, creative media, arts, and design straight from the experts are just some of the things you will uncover here.

Ramp Gallery

Ramp is a contemporary art gallery, situated in the heart of Hamilton City at the Wintec School of Media Arts.

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Ramp Festival
Bringing together artists, musicians, arts practitioners, educators, professionals, academics, students, and the public, Ramp Festival provides an annual platform for dynamic discussions, sharing of new ideas and opportunities to put these into practice.

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Wintec students weave learning and experience at Te Pūkenga brand launch

Wintec Communications students meet Hon Chris Hipkins at the Te Pukenga naming ceremony
Wintec Communication students meet Minister of Education Hon Chris Hipkins at the Te Pūkenga naming ceremony. From L-R, Maddy Morris, Ngaire Pahl, Chris Hipkins, Josiah Peipi, Paula Jacobsen, Jed Murtagh, Tutor - Abby Dalgety, Cassie Owens. 

Wintec Communication students had a unique learning experience this week when they attended the naming ceremony for Te Pūkenga - New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology held at Wintec, Hamilton, and met the Minister of Education Hon Chris Hipkins.  

The meaning behind Te Pūkenga describes the passing down and mastery of valuable skills from one person to another, teacher to student, tuakana to teina.  

These values and kaupapa were exemplified with the students’ presence at the event. They were not only there to represent their fellow students, but to take advantage of the occasion as a learning opportunity, weaving the experience into their current curriculum.  

Ranging from first through to third year, the students from Wintec School of Media Arts study a range of pathways including journalism, public relations, video production, marketing and branding, and public relations.  

Cassie Owens, 22, hoped the event would give insight into a potential future of leadership.  

“My ultimate goal is to help people. For me, I think the best way to do this is to be on the board of an organisation and help by making decisions from the top. It’s great to witness how things work in a professional and formal context.”  

The experience was highly relevant to the first-year students whose current class project is building a campaign to encourage youth to vote.  

They were blown away when some of the politicians in attendance made their way over to the table they were sitting at to talk to them.  

“We definitely weren’t expecting that to happen. It was so exciting, and the politicians were engaged and really seemed like they wanted to talk to us,” said Owens. 

It was also an opening for the students to network and build connections within the education industry.   

“It was such a great networking opportunity and a chance to introduce yourself to industry people. Making those connections is important in this career and you never know what or who you’re going to meet and what that might lead to,” said 22 year-old Maddy Morris.  

“It’s really encouraged by our tutors. We get experience everywhere. Even through my part-time job at a fast-food restaurant I’ve met fascinating people to interview for projects. In comms we learn how to relate to people from all walks of life.”  

The students had an action-packed day which also included helping out on an official photoshoot for Te Pūkenga’s new website. 

Comms students help out on photoshoot_Stephen Barker
Students Josiah Peipi, Cassie Owens, Finlee Rickit-Browning and Ben Wilson helping out during the Te Pūkenga photoshoot.

During the event, Te Pūkenga presented their new brand with a video detailing why the name Te Pūkenga was chosen.  

Jed Murtagh, 27, says, “They didn’t just present us with the new brand, but we got to find out the ‘why’. They talked about what it all represents, what the whole ethos and symbolism behind what the brand is.”  

Te Pūkenga literally refers to the base of the harakeke plant from where all threads meet and grow. In addition to the passing of intergenerational knowledge, it symbolises the coming together of not only the many different institutes that make up Te Pūkenga, but the students that are at the heart of it.  

This sentiment was reflected in the attitudes of the students, who were thrilled to have the experience as part of their studies.  

“The great thing about studying at Wintec is that it sets you up. You get all this hands-on experience, and you’re not just sitting there, you’re learning by doing.”  

Cassie agrees, stating “Our studies have given us the confidence to do something like this outside of our comfort zones.”  

Their tutor Abby Dalgety emphasises how great the opportunity was for her students.  

“There’s an emphasis on working with clients, and everything we teach is industry-focussed. We have run events, marketing and public relations campaigns.”  

“This is so relevant to their learning and it’s really exciting, immersive learning for them.” 

Wintec is one of 16 subsidiaries of Te Pūkenga - New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology.  

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