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Master of Arts

with endorsements in Design, Music, Visual Arts and Communication


Course Details

  • Jul 2018
    Feb 2019
    27 Sep 2018
  • One year
  • Full-time or Part-time
  • $6978
  • You may qualify for fee free study under Fees Free Policy
  • Level 9
  • Available for International Students. International Fee Guideline
  • Hamilton City Campus


The Master of Arts programme provides you with postgraduate study leading towards professional and higher academic practice. This one-year postgraduate programme is ideal for graduates who have completed the Bachelor of Media Arts (Honours) programme, equivalent qualification, a Postgraduate Diploma or professional practice.

You will extend your domain of practice through undertaking a body of sustained, independent research. This in-depth investigation is in your chosen area of visual arts, design or music practice within a research-focused learning environment. The programme will prepare you for high level investigation of, and intervention within your chosen academic or professional field.

As a Masters student you will receive supervision for both practical and theoretical components of your study. Additional supervision from both external representatives of your professional field and / or for students wishing to utilise Kaupapa Māori methodologies in their research are available. You will have frequent formal and informal meetings and critiques with other staff and students to discuss your work, helping you to analyse, evaluate and articulate your research practice. The learning environment is supportive, positive, varied and active, encouraging input from staff and students equally.

Facilities in Media Arts are made available to you as determined by the nature and requirements of your project. Individual studio spaces, fabrication workshops and industry standard digital environments are provided for Masters students. Various test spaces, exhibition sites, tutorial and critique rooms are used for scheduled classes and for formative and casual review of work. Technical staff maintain the operation of facilities and equipment and are available to assist you in practical and logistical issues in your study.

What You'll Learn

You will study one module:

Research Project

This module is designed to allow you to advance and refine selected domains of visual arts, design or music practice through an extended research project. This research project consists of studio-based practice and a written dissertation. You are required to develop and implement a research methodology which synthesises and amplifies previous and concurrent experience. Research proposals are developed that account for your research project. These make reference to specialised bodies of contextual discourse and which test selected models of practice appropriate to your field of enquiry. Projects occur within a structured supervisory framework to facilitate the planning and implementation of original research and scholarship in your selected field.


Note: No value in the pre/co-requisite columns means there are no pre/co-requisites for that module.

Either Group A

Module CodeModule TitleLevelCreditsPre-RequisitesCo-Requisites
BM0Z500Research Project9120  

Or Group B

Module CodeModule TitleLevelCreditsPre-RequisitesCo-Requisites
BM0Z501​Research Project 1960  
BM0Z502​Research Project 2960




Career/Further Opportunities

The Master of Arts provides pathways to further higher degrees or careers in the Arts, such as Professional Studio Artist, Musician, Sound Designer, Composer, Song Writer, Filmmaker, Digital Designer, Educator, Advertising Creative and Interactive Design, Advertising Creative, Copywriter, Freelance Journalist, Events Coordinator, Marketing Communications, Public Relations, Educator.

​​​About the Faculty

This programme is offered by the School of Media Arts who provide innovative, interdisciplinary education that prepares students for careers in the creative industries.

Experienced staff and state-of-the-art facilities help you develop a unique range of skills and the ability to apply them in the professional world. Check out examples of student work, some of our successful graduates, Media Arts' Industry connections, all the latest news and events, and more.

The Postgraduate Office at Wintec has been created to support postgraduate students in their studies and research by providing dedicated resources and advice. Wintec also has a dedicated Research Office which is the hub of research at Wintec and caters to all researchers, both staff and students.

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Entry Criteria

  • Corresponding Bachelor with Honours degree, or
  • Postgraduate Diploma with a minimum of a B grade average or equivalent, or
  • Work-related experience equivalent to a corresponding Bachelor with Honours degree. Candidates will be required to demonstrate a high order of knowledge of their principal subject of study, including analytic writing, or
  • Tertiary qualification (degree or diploma) completed in no less than three years, and have achieved sufficient standing as a practising artist, designer or musician. The Media Arts Postgraduate Programme Committee will determine whether the work submitted by applicant candidate in support of their application is of a standard equivalent to Bachelor with Honours degree level. Candidates will also be required to submit a curriculum vitae confirming they have achieved a substantial record of exhibitions, publications or performance in public venues or formats; or have gained professional experience, demonstrating advanced knowledge or performance, in their chosen specialisation, or
  • A corresponding Bachelor degree and have completed four or more years of successful art, design or music teaching at tertiary or secondary level. Every candidate will be required to present a synopsis of their proposed research project for consideration and approval by the Media Arts Postgraduate Programme Committee. Candidates will be required to meet with potential supervisors to discuss their proposed project. Candidates will be required to study a pre-requisite course in Research Methodology prior to admission, should they not be able to demonstrate having acquired research skills to the appropriate level.
  • Any applicant for the Master of Arts who is not a previous graduate of Wintec's Bachelor of Media Arts Honours programme will be required to submit a portfolio of recent work which demonstrates the nature and quality of their practice.
  • All application documentation submitted for assessment must be in English
  • Candidates who have English as a second language are required to have an International English Language Test System (IELTS) score of 6.5, with no individual band score lower than 6.0; or equivalent.

Check what documents are required to enrol in this programme.

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Transfer of Credit

Do you excel in your job but have no qualification to back it up? We can help you get qualified through our Recognition of Prior (RPL) Learning Tool.

While many people have gained work and life experience equivalent to that of formal study, they don't have that formal qualification to substantiate it. RPL allows you to use your current knowledge and experience towards gaining a recognised qualification through Informal Transfer of Credit.

The Process

If you are interested in applying, you can do so by emailing your profile through to:

There are four main areas you need to cover in your profile:
  1. Education History
  2. Experience Information
  3. Work experience Info
  4. Other evidence

Your profile will be forwarded to the relevant Team Manager to look at and determine if you may be eligible for recognition of prior learning. Once this has been determined, a consultation meeting will be arranged between yourself and the Team Manager. There is a $75 fee for this consultation. At the consultation, the Team Manager will discuss which modules they believe you have the experience to gain Informal Transfer of Credit for and also what documentation you will need to supply.

You will then need to put together the required documentation and send it through to us. The Team Manager will assess the documentation and advise if what has been supplied is sufficient. If sufficient information is provided to gain Informal Transfer of Credit, there will be a charge of $25 per credit which will need to be paid prior to any Informal Transfer of Credit being issued.


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