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Graphic designer sitting at computer, working on typography

Art and Design

Graphic design, illustration, sculpture, painting, photography, moving image, spatial design: Wintec gives students the skills and knowledge to turn their passion into a career.

Students will learn how to problem-solve and tell stories through a variety of mediums.

"I always knew my future would involve creativity of some sort. Nowadays, I feel the possibilities are endless. While it was daunting initially, I knew that I was in the right place from day one. Studying has opened doors and directions for my future, and I would encourage anyone interested to take the risk."

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YOW sample poster design by Wintec Media Arts students Orchestra Central, the umbrella organisation for orchestral music in Waikato and Bay of Plenty, have launched a dynamic new brand identity, developed by Wintec Media Arts students.

Industry feedback

Orchestra Central, the umbrella organisation for orchestral music in Waikato and Bay of Plenty, has launched a dynamic new brand identity, developed by Wintec Media Arts students.

The students came up with a new brand strategy for the United Youth Orchestra that comes under the Orchestra Central banner. On the students’ recommendation, The United Youth Orchestra is now called Youth Orchestra Waikato (YOW) and has a fun, cool logo.
“The students’ design has been adopted easily by everyone – our musicians love it and we loved working with the students at Wintec.

We felt the students really understood what we were aiming for and the new ‘YOW’ brand fits well within the Orchestra Central family and as a standalone brand. The proof was in the pudding – our musicians are saying the ‘YOW’ anagram makes people smile and our ‘YOWsers’ are wearing the logo with pride!”

Susan Trodden, Chief Executive, Orchestra Central.

Graphic/digital design programmes

A career in graphic/digital design involves bringing ideas, stories and concepts to life through engaging visual interpretation. 

Graphic/digital designers create everything from websites and computer-game graphics to motion graphics and animation and may work in a variety of industries, including entertainment, education, and advertising.

Fine arts programmes

Fine art graduates interpret culture and the world in a critical way, communicating their ideas with imagination and skill. 

Career options are wide: A professional artist will develop, refine and create work, submit grant and residency proposals, and reach buyers through exhibitions in galleries or their own promotion. Curators choose and coordinate work for art exhibitions, while gallery managers develop programmes and work with artists. An arts administrator might assist with project and event management, working on promotion and scheduling. Some fine artists complete postgraduate study and move into education roles as art teachers and lecturers. 

Moving image programmes

Moving image professionals work with a team to create films, television programmes and promotional video work. Options within this career include technical, creative and managerial positions, which each have their own skillsets. A producer coordinates and supervises a production, with the director driving the creative component and translating a story to the screen. Camera operators, sound designers, art directors, gaffers and visual effects editors all contribute to the success of the production. Employment may be project-based or in-house. Planning, perseverance and organisational skills are important, along with maintaining good industry connections.

Photography programmes

A photography career offers the opportunity to work anywhere from a local wedding to the Olympics. Many photographers work for newspapers or are employed on a freelance basis by advertising agencies, businesses, or individuals. Others share their skills at secondary or tertiary level as educators. A self-employed photographer will often manage and market their own business. They’ll liaise with clients, arrange the technical requirements for a shoot, and deliver photographs online or in albums.


Students hone their craft in spaces that encourage and foster creative conversation, noise-making and experimentation. The Wintec Art and Design facilities are spread through three blocks and include a dedicated spatial design studio; three iMac-based computer labs; painting studios for third year and postgraduate students; a wood, lasercutting and sculpture workshop; photography studios; editing labs; and a darkroom. The Wintec facilities also include dedicated gallery spaces to showcase student work.


Media Arts pathway diagram for semester 2 2019

To check what you need to gain entry to a course, review the entry criteria available on each programme page. These assist you in understanding what qualifications or experience are typically required to gain entry. You can contact our team at or 0800 2 Wintec at any time for further guidance.

About the faculty

At the School of Media Arts we provide innovative, interdisciplinary education that prepares students for a future in the creative industries.

If you're interested in graphic design, communication, moving image, digital media, painting, sculpture, photography, animation, spatial design, design, journalism, public relations, songwriting, or commercial music, Media Arts' programmes of study are a great place to begin your career. 

Experienced staff and industry standard facilities help you develop a unique range of skills and the ability to apply them in the professional world. There are always challenges for students entering a rapidly changing work environment. Innovation, expertise, team work and an awareness of contemporary communication strategies are highly valued. We are very conscious of the preparations necessary and believe that we provide a unique learning environment that encourages students to work collaboratively while developing a strong individual practice in a chosen field. We strive to provide students with the right mix of technical problem-solving and interpersonal skills, all informed by an awareness of professional expectations.

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