IoT Waikato brings events back online during lockdown

Jannat Maqbool organises IoT Wintec from Wintec

IoT Waikato founder and organiser, Jannat Maqbool says there is opportunity in virtual collaboration during the COVID-19 lockdown. Image: CPA Australia.

In a world where cancelled events are becoming the norm thanks to COVID-19, the IoT Waikato tech meet-up is going to fly this week regardless of any lockdown.

In fact, organiser and Wintec academic Jannat Maqbool says there is an opportunity in all this and the virtual IoT Waikato Meetup scheduled for World IoT Day on 9 April is perfectly timed.

“The Internet of Things is now “even more relevant, given peoples’ need now to monitor remotely and because of the push for tech innovation to 'save the day' so to speak.”

“I usually get a speaker to dial in from somewhere overseas at events but going virtual just opens up a whole new opportunity to connect with voices from all over the world. The other advantage is the audience. Literally anyone in the world can engage with us.

“As a result, the opportunity for organisations in different locations to partner in the event becomes more of a possibility.”

The 9 April IoT Meetup,  scheduled for World IoT Day is a collaboration between Wintec, Smart Cities, Council Australia New Zealand Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand (SCCANZ), NZ IoT Alliance and IoT Alliance Australia.

“I chose a range of speakers that can cover different applications, opportunities and challenges related to the Internet of Things to kick start a trans-Tasman conversation around IoT innovation in the face of COVID-19.”

The IoT Waikato Tech Meetup, is a Wintec-led event for innovators, thought leaders and organisations interested in the Internet of Things (IoT), industry 4.0 and smart cities innovation. It is usually held at Wintec, but  for now it will be held online.

Find out more about joining the 9 April IoT Waikato Meetup.

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